Thursday, March 29, 2007


I am SO delighted to have a break from the usual school routine. Here are thirteen things I love about spring break:

1) I love that instead of my usual getting up at 3 or 3:30, I can sleep in until 5 am!

2) I love getting a first cup of coffee and really having time to sit down, taste it, and relax!

3) I love seeing the green plants break through the crinkly leaves as spring approaches!

4) I love having the time to cook one of my favorite chicken dishes and deliver meals to four people I love!

5) I love having time to talk on the phone and not say, "Whoops, I've got to go to class!!"

6) I love taking walks and seeing tulips and spring flowers start to bloom around the city!

7) I love knowing that it's Lent and observing with anticipation Christ's gift to me!

8) I love having time with grandkids to play castle, eat popsicles, and watch fun movies!

9) I love being home in the morning when Bert gets up and not having to write an "I love you note!", but deliver a kiss in person.

10) I love getting Easter goodies for our annual Easter egg hunt and sending Easter goodies to grandkids who live in Puyallup and Texas!

11) I love anticipating the next group of students I will be blessed to have in my classes spring quarter!

12) I love having the time for a leisurely lunch with Amy and coffee with Jessi!

13) I love that Jesus died for me and that I get to celebrate His gift of love on Easter Sunday!

May you have a blessed day and enjoy our gorgeous spring weather!!
God Bless! Love, Linda

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Faith, Boldness, and Self-Confidence

"Confidence is a wonderful thing
that allows me to face life with
boldness, openness, and honesty."
-Joyce Meyer

I truly believe that as a Christian I am loved, valuable and safe in God's will for my life.
When I embrace these truths it is easy to step out and try new things, even though I will make mistakes along the way. When I focus on God and His love, I am able to expect success rather than fear failure.

Some weeks this is easier said than done.

It seems that there is lots of hurting going on right now.
I can listen, but I don't have all the answers.
In fact, I have very few answers to these complex problems.
On some days, if I lean on my own understanding, I feel drained and fearful.

When I remember to lean on God, I feel bold and self-confident!
This self-confidence is rooted in God's love and energy, not my own!
I'm working on letting go and letting God!

I know that I need a break
It's around the corner.
Rest will help me to see things in perspective!

All I can say today is that through faith I expect good things to happen and problems to be solved!

God bless! Love, Linda

Friday, March 16, 2007


Friday's Favorite Quote for Friday, March 16th

"One of the nice things
about being pulled apart..

is that you get to
come back together again"

-Bert Salisbury March 16th over coffee

No one gets it unless they go through it!
That quote applies to life.

It certainly applies to college teachers at finals time!

I love my job!
I am made to do this!
It is a calling!
God meant for me to be a teacher!

I love my students!
Having time with them in a classroom blesses my life!
I will always be their teacher!

Yesterday was my last day with students this quarter!
There have been countless days of getting up at 2am to grade.

So many have said, "Why do you make so much work for yourself?"

My answer is simple:
My students derserve the best I can give every day!
My students deserve to have high expectations to live up to!

Hard work builds character!

I still have 90 notebooks to grade and 90 take home tests to grade ....
and then final grades!

It's all worth it!

I have been pulled apart...and I am coming back together again!
God Bless! Love, Linda

Friday, March 02, 2007


Friday's Favorite Quotation for Friday March 2nd

Having a place to go
is a home

Having someone to love
is a family

Having both
is a blessing!

Today I am so grateful for both..and on top of that...the sun is shining!

God Bless! Love, Linda

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