Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What A Blessing!

I am so grateful for my family! I thank God every day for the blessing they are in my life!!

Tonight I had dinner with Amy, Jacob, and Jenna! They make my heart smile! Jacob loves to have ribs so I went to the store to get his favorite kind! Amy and I had turkey, more on the Weight Watchers menu :)

Jenna is such a hoot! She crawls at super speed, twirls on her hip, waves with a HUGE grin, says "Bye Bye!"and spins into the next crawl! She climbed our stairs over and over again,
clear to the very top floor!

Life has been super busy lately, yet I wouldn't miss these sweet moments for anything!

Loves, hugs and blessings to all who read this!
God Bless!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BLESSED IS THE FULL PLATE: Full of Infinite Grace!

I just have to laugh! I looked at my last blog post and it was on April 7th! I feel as if I have been flying around this quarter, almost on roller skates! Every minute seems full with new students, new blessings, and new adventures! So this morning, after a rousing walk at 2:30 am in the cold and the dark with only a few snowflakes as my companions, I want to sit down with a warm cup of coffee and do some catching up!

The Work Plate:
Spring quarter is always super busy! I am in charge of a giant conference at the college that serves almost 1,000 people this year! Even some of my spring "break" gets spent in preparation for this major event with food, decorations, speakers, and no budget! That's right, no budget!
So the challenge is, as it always is in public education, how do we create miracles out of nothing? God is so good all the time that He provides in miraculous ways! Once again donations are coming from everywhere!! The theme for the conference is "Building Bridges Through Communication"! I am in the middle of doing a DVD of bridges being blown up...and how we can build bridges with others and I now have a complete Practical Business Communication class, new this quarter, that is helping with the conference! What a blessing!
Lots of work to design and impliment this new college course, but very worth it!! They are the foundation for this work on the conference! The college is filled with brochures, banners, signs, balloons and pictures of Scott Finnie, our keynote speaker!

I will be doing two workshops, besides running the conference. The first is "Don't Blow up That Bridge: Conflict management Tips For Survival in Your Professional and Personal Life!" and A Workshop on "Racial Reconciliation: A Conversation Between an African American Brother and a Caucasian Sister". That workshop will be done with my dear friend Scott Finnie! Pretty gutsy to tackle that topic, but we are excited!

Besides school I have been super busy with consulting! It has all been very rewarding as I step out to help businesses communicate more effectively! Some very tough situations, so I pray unceasingly for God's guidance. The question I ask is always.."What would YOU have me do here? What is Your will for this situation? Please guide me God!"

The Spiritual Plate:
This last weekend I went to the Women of Faith Conference here in Spokane! Amy, Sharon Hartnett and I have a tradition of going to this together each year, and each year the fun and learnings are profound! I stayed at The Davenport Towers with Sharon so we had a chance to catch up and get room service, quite a treat! The theme of the conference was "Infinite Grace"...knowing, once again, that God's grace is sufficient for my every need and hurt! As we listened to the most amazing speakers and the most amazing music...we laughed until we cried and cried until tears cascaded down our cheeks...the big ugly cries where it feels like your heart will burst! Very emotional weekend ! This is such a time of spiritual renewal and education for me! Lots to share about what I learned and stories to tell!

The Home Plate:
Perhaps the greatest missing for me during this super busy time is more time, and more relaxed time, with all my loved ones! I long to just have time to sit for hours and share!! Thank goodness that summer is only weeks away! One of my goals this year has been to remember and recognize special events for my family...4 families with two daughters and two sons and our extended families! I want to remember every birthday, anniversary, and special event for these people who mean the world to me.

Since part of this goal is long distance to Puyallup (Erik's family) and Texas (Chris and his family) and Seattle (Sharon and her puppy Scout) everyone her in Spokane.... this takes some extra planning to send Valentines baskets or Easter baskets out of town or remember every birthday! But so far so good in 2008! And I love the creativity of finding something special for each loved one!

Fun family events of late have been watching Kayla, Madison and Emma play soccer, going with Bert to the Poetry Slam that Madison and Kayla performed spectacularly in (loved bringing them flowers:), and having dinner with just Kayla...this last Monday night at Linnie's Thai restaurant! She and I love to have "KK and Nana Time"!

Bert and I have been trying out some new restaurants occasionally and since I am still doing Weight Watchers, and still losing weight slowly, eating healthy is now part of our daily routine!

There's more to tell, but getting ready for school awaits! Know that I send all of you loves and hugs! No matter how busy life gets, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily...for health, fun, peace, joy, and knowing how truly blessed you are! I know I am! My plate is full, but it is brimming over with love and blessings!

God Bless!
Love Linda

Monday, April 07, 2008

AN UPDATE: The Two Bs: Blessed and Busy!

I am amazed at how quickly the time is minute it is January, the next minute March is over! I am finally taking a minute (even though it is 3:30 am) to take a deep, exhaling breath and review the last few weeks. Two feelings prevail- I am very blessed and very busy!

What have been a few of the blessings?

* School has started again, and I have 92 new students!
* I am still going to Weight Watchers and working the program!
* I am finally feeling better after almost a month of being sick and three rounds of antibiotics
(yes... I need to take better care of myself :)
* Boppa and I had so much fun having Jessi and Emma over for dinner last Sunday:) THere's nothing more satisfying to me than having relaxed time to share! Great evening!
* Boppa and I had a fantastic time and dinner at our house on Monday with Amy, Ryan, Jacob and Jenna to celebrate Amy and Ryan's 5th anniversary! THey are an amazing couple and family!
* We had an awesome time at Amy and Ryan's Anniversary/Basketball Final Four Party this last Saturday! Go Memphis!!
* Today is our 24th Wedding Anniversary, and I love Bert more than ever!
* It may not snow today :)
* It's soccer season again with three children's games to go see! How fun!

What Has Kept Me So Busy?

* School has started again and I have 92 new students, a brand new class to plan for, and papers to grade!
* I have lots of consulting work right now! That's truly a blessing, but it also means that I am extra busy!
* Spring quarter is when we put on our annual Communications Conference. Since I am in charge of that, there are lots of extra projects!
* We have 12, that's right 12, grandchildren and my goal is to remember all of them (even the surrogate ones) for every holiday and every birthday. Super fun, but it keeps me busy!

It's all a blessing! I love my life and I'm grateful to live life with a full plate! I am busy, but I am busy doing things that satisfy me and make me happy! I am grateful to God for improved health and for giving me the strength and stamina to live my life fully!

Life is Good!
God Bless! Love and hugs to all who read this!

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