Monday, April 09, 2007


Yesterday was Easter, and I am still walking around with a grin as I recall our celebration. It was laced with old and new family traditions!

First, Bert and I went to church and our gospel choir rocked our souls! We celebrated God's deep and abiding love!

Next, family gathered at our home and we had a potluck feast with strawberry waffles (thanks Aim for making the waffles), Nancy's famous egg casserole :), great meat dishes by Eileen :), super juices by Jessi:) and fruit trays and other Easter treats!

Then we opened Easter baskets which had been sitting out with balloons tied to them! Jacob and Emma were so patient, yet kept taking litttle peaks of what was inside! :)

Finally, we had the annual Easter Egg Hunt! I can still hear the voices of my grandchildren and family during this event! Here's the tradition: The eggs all have names on them. When you find an egg, if it isn't yours, you have to call or go get the egg's owner, before you can move on!! :) :) My creative brain came up with this new tradition a number of years ago...and now we hear all over the yeard..." Zac!!", "Emma!!", ""Jacob!!", "Kayla!!" and "Madison!!"

Rog and Ryan were the egg hiders, with expert help from Bert, Rog Sr., and Gary! When the eggs got opened up you could hear the younger kids squeel...." I have a dollar!!" "Oh my gosh, I have five dollars!" Rog Sr. said to Bert, with a smile on his face,..."Remember when we felt like that about a dollar?!!"

I grew up in a wonderful family that had traditions for every holiday!

For Easter my Mom made bunny rolls, decorated our table (I still have the plastic bunnies), and we had an Easter brunch!

We didn't just decorate for Easter, we decorated inside and out for every holiday! As I put the giant bunnies in the yard yesterday I missed my Mom, but I was SO GRATEFUL for the traditions she gave me that I could pass on!

At times, in the midst of our busy lives, it's easy to take family for granted. After all, they'll always be there, and I'll get to them down the road. I know first hand that in an instant they can be gone!

Yesterday was a great reminder to me to gather family together to celebrate holidays and most of all each other!

A family is your glue... that stuff that holds you together when you are falling apart! A family has your back...when everyone else is gone! A family sees you at your worst...and loves you anyway! A family makes time to spend with you...nothing is more important! A family steps up to the plate to help you with a willing heart...remembering that countless times you have done that for them! A family is loyal to you...they are the ones who wouldn't let someone say something negative about you without paying a price.

I love my family with my WHOLE heart!!! All of the family and all of its extended members!

I loved yesterday and carrying on my Mom's traditions (and making some of our own). :)

I hope your celebration of Easter lifted YOUR heart and made you grateful for those around you!

Love and Hugs to all of you reading this!

God Bless! Linda

Saturday, April 07, 2007


The weather is stunningly beautiful. The warmth is bringing out the leaves, buds, and flowers, and I have loved digging in the garden! It's so satisfying to my soul! Tomorrow is Easter, and I'm beyond JOY as I put Easter baskets together and get eggs ready to be discovered by my precious grandchildren.

Yet at the same time I am so aware, and so deeply grateful, for God's deep and abiding love.
I keep humming tunes I learned in Young Life as I dig in the dirt!

What I know for sure is that the true meaning of Easter is all about re-birth and renewal... and it's all about Jesus!

I am so grateful for my life...for all of it! For the great joys and great sorrows, for the confident expectation that HOPE brings to my life! I am full of joy to get up every day, no matter what that day brings!

May you enjoy every moment of the sunshine, know God's love for you, and have a blessed Easter!

God Bless! Love, Linda

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