Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SUPER TUESDAY...and my birthday too! :) TEN THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR!!!

Here are a few things I am grateful for today, February 5th, 2008:

1) I am so grateful that God loves me and that I feel that love every day!

2) I am so grateful to have had parents who adored me and challenged me to be the best "me" I could be!

3) I am so grateful that I grew up in a politically active family...and that on my birthday I lived long enough to fill out a primary ballot and could choose between a WOMAN and an AFRICAN-AMERICAN...and both are legitimate candidates for President of the United States!

4) I am so, so grateful for my special husband Bert! He is the love of my life!

5) I am so, so grateful that God blessed me with two spectacular daughters...Jessi and Amy! They bless my life every day!

6) I am so, so grateful for all of my family....sons, sons-in-law, daughters-in law, and my amazing and wonderful 12 grandchildren!!!

7) I am so grateful for God's grace and reconcilliation in my blended family and extended family!

8) I am so grateful that God has called me to be a teacher and a consultant and that I can serve others in both of these jobs that I love!

9) I am so grateful for all of my friends who have stood by me all of these years!

10) I am so, so grateful to God for my health, that my ankle has healed, and that I am so much lighter in body and spirit!

So on this SUPER TUESDAY....know that I am grateful for you!
God Bless! Love and hugs to all who read this!


The Farrell Family said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Nana!
Happy Birthday to you!

We love you so much and are grateful that you are a part of our lives. You bring so much joy to our family each and every day! You are a wonderful mother, mother-in-law, Grandmother and friend. God Bless you on this special day!

Love, Your family

Jacob said...


I love you so much. We are going to have a special surprise for you...but I'm not telling you what it is. Happy Birthday.


Love, Jacob

LORIE said...

Amen to #7!!! God' Grace! I am grateful for you and your kindness, friendship, mentorship, and example.


LORIE said...

PS. . . You are looking fantastic and beautiful! WOWSA

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear One!
What an awesome day it is and was on that day years ago when you were born.
Isn't it wonderful growing older? There is so much more to be greatful for. We are so much wiser and 'evolved' (ha).
I celebrate your birth and all that your being has brought to so many. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!
Let's get together and share some of our wisdom
Love, Eileen

jessithompson said...

Happy Birthday, Momma! I love you and am so grateful to have you in my life as my friend as well as my mom. Thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent to my work today... they are gorgeous and so springy! YOU, my sweet mom, are the present to everyone you know! I love you to the moon and back! XOXO

Kayla Jode said...

I'm grateful for a lot of those things too! Happy Birthday Nana! I love you!!!

Madison said...

Hope that all of your wishes come true on your birthday. And that it is as wonderful as you are. You are loved by a lot of people. Including me.

Love Madison

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