Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today is Mother's Day, and I feel so blessed to be a Mom. Two of the best gifts God has ever given me are Jessi and Amy! They are such amazing blessings in my life!

From day one they have both been very different people, yet totally unique in their own way.

Even as a baby, Jessi was active and wanting to discover and be into everything! She has always been shot out of a cannon, a go getter, fiercely independent, and very competive, especially with herself. When she was little, she used to climb to the top of door frames or scale our 12 foot tall lava fireplace. She always told me, "See what I do Mommy!"...with special emphasis on the I!! If you want to see what Jessi was like as a little girl, look at Emma. She's a carbon copy of her Mama...determined, driven, loves to be around lots of people, a perfectionist, and hard on herself when she makes a mistake! Jessi's coloring is much like her Momma's (me)....the McColm part of her heritage!

Jessi has a great laugh, and when she and Amy start to loose it...look out! She
loves to have fun, and pushes herself to excell in everything she does. She also has deep feelings about just about everything and can cry when her feelings are hurt or she sees a sad movie! She's a feeler...and she feels deeply! Jessi loves traditions and holidays...Christmas is a special favorite...and it's one of my favorites too! We love to go to the Nutcracker Ballet every year, and now we take Emma!

I have so many fun memories of the "programs" the girls put on for Bert and me and seeing Jessi play "teacher" at her preschool! Jessi always took Amy back into the closet in the middle of her performance to change this or that! :) We used to laugh ourselves silly! She always was a wonderful teacher and leader! Her students at Brentwood are so blessed to have her!

Jessi is an amazing athlete, teacher, wife and Mom. She loves Emma so completely...with her whole heart...just like I love her!...and she adores Rog! I now laugh and say to Jess (affectionately Jess Jess)...ahhhhhhhhh...may Emma do to you... everything you did to me! And I smile with a knowing smile! :)

I am amazed at all Jessi accomplishes in life...she is my role model for self discipline, getting healthy, learning new things, and getting exercise!

I love you Jess Jess! I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always and as long as I'm living my baby you'll be! God gave me a wonderful gift when He gave me YOU

Amy, as a baby, was so sweet and easygoing. She looked into my eyes with a big knowing smile that melted my heart! She loved to snuggle, eat, sleep and be held! She had then, and has now, the most gorgeous Finnish skin (a Seppa family trait), beautiful natural blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes! Her smile and laugh stopped people everywhere and they'd say "Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous baby!" If you want to see what Amy was like as a baby ...look at precious Jenna!

In grade school Amy always had a heart for other children. She empathized with their pain and wanted to make things better for them. Her heart was then, and is now, as big as the grand canyon. She was so smart as a little girl. She could put puzzles together in an instant that I couldn't touch and get school concepts without even trying! Our family has lots of smart people in it, but I've always said that Amy is the smartest one amongst us. She's not just smart with a great IQ, but she has emotional intelligence as well. But what has always made Amy so special is what deep feelings and sensitivity she has. Amy when she was little was so much like sweet Jacob is now..really tuned into loving others!

What amazes me about Aim is that she forgives others...totally and completely! Once Amy found that God loved her, and she became a Christian...her whole life was even better! She has forgiven me completely and I am so grateful for that gift!

Amy has ALWAYS wanted to be a Mom... has always had a true Mommy's heart and glows as an amazing, so patient and showering her children (all 4 of them) with unconditional life and yet accountability for good behavior! She told me when she was little " I will just love my little children with all of my heart". And she does! She adores her husband Ryan too!

One of the things I love most about Amy is that she is the "truth-teller" in the family! She is honest, doesn't beat around the bush, and you really know where you stand with her. She doesn't need lots of people in her world, but if you are in her inner circle she loves you passionately! She is the most unselfish person I have ever met and a role model for me about really loving others the way God wants me too!

She's an organizer (loves labels like Jessi does) and is soon to finish her Masters Degree in Organizational Communication,Leadership and Consultation at Gonzaga. How she does this is beyond me!

I love you the moon and back! I always have and I always will! God gave me a wonderful gift when He gave me YOU!

Yes, it's Mother's Day 2008 and while I miss my own Mom terribly, I am focusing on how blessed I am to have two precious, wonderful daughters who are God's gift to my heart and soul!

May God bless each of YOU today!
Love Linda


Our Family said...

It was so great to celebrate Mother's day with you last night. I learned so many things about being a mom from YOU! You were always reliable, constant, loving, nurturing, and you still go above and beyond to be supportive and encouraging. I am so blessed to have a mom like you!

I love you,

Tiffany said...

What a sweet post! I could have sworn those two little ones in the first picture were Emma and Jenna! That is crazy!

I loved hearing the stories about Jessi as a little girl, especially her saying, "See what I do, Mommy!" Sounds just like her! :)

Both of your daughters are absolutely fabulous mothers and I know your example has played a big role in that.

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you had a fantastic one!

jessithompson said...

Mom... there aren't words to tell you how much I love you. You inspire me everyday and have taught me so much about being a mom. I honor and celebrate you on Mother's Day and look forward to getting to celebrate with you in person. XOXO

LORIE said...

You are so blessed Linda. You have beautiful daughters and you are tribute to them. I love you. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Kayla Jode said...

I hope you had a great Mother's Day!!! Happy belated Mother's Day!!

Kim said...

Linda-one of the things I know Jessi and I have in our friendship is the closeness to our mommas.I am so fortunate to have such an amazing role model in my life, just as Jessi has you. FAMILY is such a blessing. What a wonderfully loving post sharing the beauty of your girls.


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