Wednesday, September 03, 2008

OH MY GOSH...How Can It Be? We've Gone Full Circle!

It only seems like yesterday that Jessi and Amy were starting school!

That was such a special time filled with anticipation, nervousness, and a big lump in my throat. As my two darling daughters started off for this momentous school adventure, and we waited to see who their teachers would be, it felt like I had gone full circle from my own memories of when I started school to theirs.

Yet as I followed their school bus, and Amy waved from the back window at me, I could NOT have anticipated how it would feel to have Jacob and Emma, my two amazing grandchildren, head off to school yesterday. Now we have truly gone full circle.

Ah nostalgia!

Starting new things is not entirely easy for most of us whether we are a child or an adult. We often have our own set of nerves and anxious moments. Questions often fill our minds... Will I be liked? Will someone talk to me? And the ever important question...Where is the bathroom?

Yet I've learned over time that as I start something new I am never really alone. God is right there with me holding me up and giving me confidence! He's also right there for both of my precious grandbabies!

To mark this big event, the start of school for Jacob and Emma, I wanted to celebrate the moment with them. So to do that I made personalized yard signs with balloons and snuck them into their yards. The hope was to put a smile on their faces on the first day! :) As I made the signs I chatted with Bert remembering when Jessi and Amy started school. It was a big deal then, a life-changing moment, and it is a big deal today!

Soon I'll start back at SCC and have my own first day. Just like Emma and Jacob I'll have butterflies as I try to sleep the night before wondering who will be in my class. I've had 41 first days being a teacher and this year it is my 42nd. Still the anticipation is amazing. And just like Jacob and Emma...God will be right there with me!

Yes...we really have gone full circle, and I couldn't be more pleased!

Love and hugs to all who read this!
God Bless! Linda


jessithompson said...

Thanks for all the love and support, Nana! You are awesome!!! XOXO

Tiffany said...

What a sweet post! I love that you put balloons and signs in Emma and Jacob's yards! What a fun surprise!

I wish you good luck on your first day! Your students are so lucky to have you!

Our Family said...

You've always loved the first day of school. I remember all of the decorations that you used to put in our yard... teddy bears in pink desks, inflatable pencils, signs, and balloons. You sure do make it a celebration! Thanks!

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