Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I chose to write this post before the media blitz regarding this election hits the fan. I chose to write this post while I sit by the fire, sip my cup of coffee, and reflect on this election day, November 4th, 2008.

What comes up as the song in my heart is that...plain and simple... I love this country I live in, the United States of America!

While this country is far from "perfect," there are SO many things I am grateful for about the good old USA!!Here are a few of the things that I love:

* I love that we get to vote! I lived for some time in El Salvador...and fair voting just doesn't happen there!

* I love that we have free speech! As often as someone may not say what I like to hear, I love that in this country they have the right to say most things!

* I love that people have the courage to run for public office! As I woke up at 2am, I wondered if John McCain and Barack Obama had slept at all. What brave and courageous Americans that they were willing to run for public office!

* I love that I come from a military family, people who devoted years of their lives to helping this country to be free! My Dad served in WWII (and was away from his new bride for three years), and my husband Bert was a paratrooper in the Army!

* I love that MILLIONS of Americans will come out to vote today: black and white, brown and tan, Republicans, Democrats, Constitutionalists, Libertarians... the list is endless, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, straights and gays, rich and poor...the melting pot of this nation I love will have its say today!

* I love that tonight millions and millions of people will be glued to their tv sets waiting in anticipation for who will be the next leader of our country!

* I love that when we have a new President, no matter who is elected, we will work on reconciliation and uniting our country again, as we do after every election!

When my parents were alive, they ALWAYS had an election eve party. While they were staunch Republicans, they invited all their friends to come and watch the results. I heard differences expressed respectfully and lots of laughter and good natured ribbing! They all dressed up, drank champagne, and toasted the new President, no matter who he was!

On days like this, as every day, I miss my parents more than words can ever express! They would have loved this election!

So today, and everyday, I LOVE this country. While I want to see lots of changes, I am so grateful that I live here. This morning Bert and I sang "God Bless America"...as we sat in our chairs sipping coffee! Tears rolled down our cheeks as we sang those words! They came straight from our hearts!

God Bless America, and may God Bless YOU!
Love Linda


jessithompson said...

Thank you for letting me grow up in a house that appreciated and celebrated this aspect of being an American. Although I didn't understand it completely at the time, I always got messages from the time I was little about the importance of voting, respecting differences of opinions, being an educated voter, and exercising my right to vote. I appreciate it so much and am sharing the same messages with Emma. I love you!

LORIE said...

AMEN Linda. I also chose not to go into the election stuff this year. . . .and let me tell you how difficult it was for me. However, I agree with you. God Bless American and all of us.

Shop Girl said...

Hi Linda-

I am a friend of Lorie's and have just discovered your blog and am inspired by it. Thank you for sharing your wise and compassionate words with the world.


Our Family said...

Although I have never been big into politics- I'm learning the importance of my vote and voice.

I'm inspired by your passion for this country.

xoxo, me

Kim said...

Land of the free doesn't mean it's perfect but I am so thankful for the positive aspects of America and the optimism for things to look up. Go Obama!

Every Friday when I taught in the classroom my students and the National Anthem and on our days we did God Bless America, Grand Ole' Flag and of course our Good Morning song. I love how you shared the passion of our country with your girls growing up--great idea!

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