Friday, June 11, 2010

Time For A Change!

I can feel it in the air. I can feel it in my bones. I can feel it in my emerging smile. I am wistfully waiting for school to end. Closing the book on another year of teaching. What an intense year it has been...but that is for another post.

What I'm struck by this morning is my desire to extend my cuppa, cuppa coffee time, plant some new and less drenched plants in my planters, get the house super clean and organized , do all the laundry, clean my car and get on with the simple pleasures in my life that take care of me.

I need to catch up with some special folks and have quality time, time that is measured in luxurious hours, not clock-watching minutes.

But most of all... I need to catch up with me!


I am grateful for an extended break where I am able to re-find myself...and not the one who grades papers, chairs committees, and does marketing for my department at SCC. That super-productive, always-in-top-gear girl needs to be put on the back burner until late next September.

Where oh where did the whimsical, artistic, book reading part of me fly off to? I'm not sure, but I know I'll find her!

The sun may come out
Or it may choose not to
It doesn't matter.

Rain or shine, I feel a smile coming on!
It's time for a change.

God Bless!
Love Linda


Anonymous said...

This is one of your students- Kelsey Scott- and I just discovered your blog page.
I think you are my own personal inspiration.
I can't really say much else except "wow".
God Bless,

Tiffany said...

I am SO with you! Summer can't come soon enough!

jessithompson said...

I'm smiling with you! XOXO

Our Family said...

Woop Woop! Summer is here! Time to put on the flip flops and lounge back with a cool drink and a good book!


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