Saturday, May 21, 2011

He gives and takes away...

There is a song we sing at church where the chorus says:

He gives and takes away
He gives and takes away
But still I'm going to say
Lord blessed be your name!

It's this "gives and takes away" part that I'm struggling with right now. There are so many blessings going on and at the same time huge struggles. I have barely had time, or made time, to sort it all out.

Life feels a bit like a whirlwind, a roller coaster, and I am ready to get off and have a respite.

Simply put, I once again need to- 
"be still and know that I am God!" 

I'm not sure why I continue to forget that God really is in control...even in, or especially in, the vortex of the storm. It's all about really trusting Him!

It has not been easy to keep my equilibrium. I feel a bit tossed and torn.

The givings have been amazing: 

Jessi had her beautiful son Owen :) and I was there to be part of the miracle of his birth.

Jess, Rog, and Emma are now...
Jess, Rog, Emma and Owen
What a blessing to my heart.

Seeing a brand new baby brings hope and joy and the promise of new beginnings.
Holding him close brings back memories of the precious new babes I brought into the world.

The take aways?

There is a long list
The names and events, like losing Lilly, are etched in my heart.
The bottom line is simple:

Just when I think I know how life will turn out-
It all changes.

Yet I need to remember...

One Thing Does NOT Change...

God's stays the same.
He is the great I AM!
He is in control.
And He loves me deeply and forever. 
He is my rock in any whirlwind and my hope in any storm.

Nothing can change that...NOTHING!

So this morning I will rest in the hope and love of Jesus.
I will place my faith in Him!
I will remember that in Christ..."All things are possible"
And I will celebrate those possibilities!

God Bless!
Love Linda


jessithompson said...

Love you mama!

Kim said...

Sometimes you click on a blog you haven't had a moment to check in on... and it's exactly what you needed for your soul at exactly the right moment. Thank you momma Linda!

Blessed be his name!

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