Monday, October 06, 2014

Dear God...this is!

Update: After praying and praying last night, and lots of tears, I woke up with an old song on my heart. I haven't thought of it is years. The title is "God will make a way, when there seems to be no way"... so perfect and an answer to prayer. 

Dear God,
You know my heart and how sad and scared I am right now. I am trying, more than ever, to trust in You.. to know that You hold us all in the palm of your Mighty Hand. I just have so many questions and the tears just keep cascading down my cheeks.

Anne Lamott talks about three prayers to pray... one of them is "help!" And that is the prayer that is pouring from my heart
to You, dear Lord. Please, "help!"

We got some hard news for my friend Vicky today. The MRI results show that the two tumors in her brain are more prominent. It sort of sounds like the usual medical options have been used up. But I know with you Lord, there are always options. There is always a road to grace. Oh please, dear God. Heal her. Calm her aching heart. Have her know Your presence. Help her heart to know how much You love her. Help sweet Vicky to know that You are there, holding her, that you will never leave her. Calm her mind and heart, dear Father. Please be with her husband, Rick, and her boys Nolan and Colton. Protect them all, Father. Please heal her.

And please, dear Lord, help my daughter Amy with the pain she is experiencing. It has been so hard to watch her need this medical procedure, after that awful car accident, and to have the paperwork hung up somewhere at Group Health. She is suffering.
Help her Lord. You can do anything. Help them to release an "okay" and a green light. She has so much living to do and it is so hard to do it with that kind of pain. You can do anything, Lord. We need Your help! Help her to know Your presence, Your love and Your comfort. Father, please heal her.

Father help me to trust You, to magnify your glory. Help me to know that You can bring good from every circumstance. Help 
me to support both Vicky and Amy. Please Lord, show me the way. Teach me how to turn this over to You, to believe with all my heart that You've Got This!

Thank you for loving me, just as I am! Your love changed my life.
Much love always...
Your daughter,

If your heart speaks to you, and you can contribute to help Vicky,
please check out:

God Bless!


Peggy Sue said...

You wrote; Please Lord, show me the way. Teach me how to turn this over to You,... You just did Linda with a heart felt prayer like no other! full of love and passion and honesty and power..he knows our hearts and our desires...Sometimes we dont get the answers we want...not because he doesnt love us, because he works all for a bigger life touching another...pain tends to bring people closer to God..or in search of him...and yet...he will provide for your daughter..and Vicky...she is right were she needs to be...teaching us all...and she is not done yet...of course you know all the above...sometimes we have to hear it least I DO!!! Love your heart you!

Vicky said...

Amen. That was so beautiful. You truly have a gift of expression in the written word, friend. I am breathless after I read, and always moved. I can't fathom watching a child, even a grown one, suffer. My heart is with you, LInda. Please help, Dear Father, please shine a light on the way. I'm so sorry this has been so ongoing and I pray peace is with you and resolution. Sending buckets of love- and prayers!

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