Monday, November 17, 2014

Finding Light in the Darkness

There's a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.
                                                            - Leonard Cohen

The landscape in Spokane is almost unrecognizable. One day it was warm and sunny and 63 degrees and the next day it was stunningly freezing. Fall was in its
glory and then winter came along and BAM!

That's really how life is sometimes. It seems that all is as it should be
and then suddenly things are off kilter. Uncomfortable. Shifting and changing.

Nope, I didn't vote for that!

It gets dark very early now, It's dark when I leave for work and starting to get dark when I come home. And I find I have candles everywhere. No, everywhere. I have candles out in lanterns in the back yard, sharing shreds of light beams with the crisp frost. I have candles in almost every room. Just in case. Just in case someone needs comfort and needs to know there is Light in the darkness.

For me that light has always been Jesus.

He's the one I call out to when tears are streaming down my face. He's the one
who has been my light on the darkest pathways. He's the one who has guided me along rugged roads, when I stumbled at almost every turn.

He's the One.

Several of my very dear friends and beloved family members are going though very tough and challenging times right now. Some days it feels like the darkness is overtaking their lives and they are on a very slippery path. It feels scary and unreal and out of control. In those times of darkness, and believe me I have been there, I have called out to Jesus in pain and despair. I felt like there was no crack of truth for light to even find its way through.

But there is a crack in everything. That's how the healing light gets in.

This last weekend Bert and I got an Emergency Car Kit for our beloved Granddaughter Glory Sihin, now 17 and adopted three years ago from Ethiopia.
She has had her drivers license for only a few months and this is her first winter driving in the snow. So we purchased a AAA card and an all-weather bag that has everything from a small shovel to a flashlight and flares. Glory was amazed at all that she might need, in case she was stuck in an emergency. 

After rattling off all all the snow storm and emergency protocols , I looked at her dear face and saw her smiling at me. I could read her mind and she could read mine. 

"Okay," I said. "Pray first and then use the Emergency Kit." 

He is there for every emergency!

And when I wonder what the next sentence or paragraph or chapter is in my life...I remember that I am not alone in the darkness. He is there. Right
with me. Holding out a hand. Bringing a candle to help light my way.

Yes, the weather has changed and I find I am missing the warmth of the sun,
the chatter of friends outdoors, and the feel of dirt underneath my fingers as I
nurture small plants. Yet I know this season will bring me a new sense of His presence. A new renewal of how much I need His guidance.

And I will pray, and pray and pray some more...for my dear soul sisters
who are struggling and choosing and growing and trusting in Him.
You know who you are and you know how much I love you!

He will not leave us. He will light the way!

Of that I am sure!

God Bless!
Love Linda

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Vicky said...

I can feel the warmth and the light emanating from your words. Its been cold and gray and windy and brrrr, and dark outside- too soon, it seems. I sense January when I look around, and yet its mid-November.

You are such great caretakers- you and Bert. So thoughtful to get a snow emergency kit for someone in their first year of winter driving. You provide for the needs of so many, and I hope you fully know how much, I, for one, feel so blessed by you!

Wishing you days filled with love and light! To the moon~ and all the way back :)

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