Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Grace Under Fire...an AMAZING Christmas gift!

If you have good thoughts
They will shine out of 
Your face like
And you will always
Look lovely.
                               -Roald Dahl 

Her name is Tiffany. Tiffany works at the UPS store, one of the busiest places
in the whole world at this time of year. No matter that she is on Maui where the
ALOHA spirit is evident amongst native Hawaiians.  

I had gotten to the UPS store early to mail some purchases back to the mainland. No Christmas deadline, I was a relaxed observer. I had met Tiffany before. She remembered that I was a teacher, and I noticed the new and sparkling engagement ring on her left hand. An instant connection.

I was the second one through the door, following a sad-looking woman who had wrapped individual presents, but was overwhelmed by all the choices on  how to send them. It was just too much for Anna. I commented on the wreath  she had made for her pre-teen granddaughter. A creation from her heart.

What I noticed immediately was how kind Tiffany's eyes were as she held back a sea of new customers, mostly from the mainland, as she tried to help Anna make a decision. Meanwhile, an older Hawaiian woman wandered in, needed to make xerox copies, and was utterly confused on how to run the xerox machine.

Tiffany took a quiet breath and I imagined her saying a silent prayer.

She at once, with grace and a lovely smiling face, simultaneously answered the phone, helped Anna, and ran the copies for the befuddled older woman.

And then in an instant the humane climate at the UPS store changed. 

"SHE" waltzed in with a scowl on her face,  pushed aside two delightful Hawaiian gentlemen,and had entitled written all over her face. She announced that she was from the mainland (I'll leave the state out as it is not their fault), and that she needed help NOW! She had sent an email after hours with her order. It was supposed to be ready right.this.minute. Everyone looked at Tiffany.

I'd like to insert here a quotation from my very wise Nana...

Everyone is a role model you can learn from. Some role model HOW to do things. Some role model how NOT to do things.

Tiffany took another small breath, as if seeking help from a higher power. What came out of her mouth was nothing short of remarkable. She said (using the young woman's first name and with genuine kindness):"

"I'm so sorry. We have let  you down. I haven't gotten to your order yet. Since there are several people in front of you, I'll need to serve them first. But your order will be free, on me. I'll pay for it as a Christmas present to you. I hope you'll forgive me for not having it done."

Talk about grace under fire! You could have heard a pin drop in that UPS store. The growling young woman, stopped in the middle of her rant. She looked like someone had hit her.

Kindness does that sometimes. It stops us in our tracks.

The entitled young woman fumbled with her paper, handed  it to Tiffany, and said with some embarrassment, "I'll be back about noon." At the door she turned and said,"Thank you. I'm sorry  I was so rude." And she left. 

After a minute of silence the two Hawaiian gentlemen began to clap and sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas."  Soon the whole UPS store was laughing, singing and crying. Tiffany got a standing ovation!

After the store cleared out I talked to Tiffany and asked her what was her take on what had happened there. She downplayed what she had done, but whispered,

"I just asked God to give me extra kindness since I was all out."

Thanks,Tiffany, for one of the best Christmas gifts ever! 

God Bless and Merry Christmas! 






Miss Myia said...

Thank you for sharing such a great story. I truly hope you are relaxing and taking care of YOU! I love you and miss you! Sending lots of hugs to both of you! Love, Myia

Peggy Sue said...

I so so loved this! what an aamazing woman...what a lesson learned...what grace! and see what her attitude did? she changed everyone inlcuding the woman who thought she needed to come first...love love love!

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