Thursday, September 17, 2015

Change...Truths to Carry With Me Through Life's Transitions...

Our reactions to change shape our life.
                                           -The Nester

I am sitting here this morning, sipping on coffee, a furry blanket thrown over me, and our fireplace is on. 

Yes, the sunny and 90 degree days in Spokane have been replaced by a bite in the air, 65-70 degree days and trees starting to turn at every corner. It's sweater weather and fall is upon us.

Ahhh...what a huge change in life style a change in seasons can bring.

I already miss the days of warm sumer evenings and swinging with Bert on our old swing in our back yard. "Sky-gazing," we call it. Heads up, taking in all of God's grandeur in the clouds and treetops and sunsets.

I already miss the more relaxed schedule of coffee together and "lalligagging" with my grandchildren, as my Mom used to call it.

Just being.

That was then...summer.

This is now...fall.

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating each new green leaf we saw. Now, they are turning vibrant colors, the last "hurrah!" before slowing circling back into God's earth.

What a metaphor for life. 

Change is everywhere. Children walking to school with their parents holding their hands, headed to  Hutton Elementary, only blocks away. A time-honored tradition. A harbinger of fall and all of the changes to come.

Our buddy down the street, Aiden, was headed to the first day of school. He casually announced, over his shoulder to Bert and to me, that he was now in 4th grade. Cynthia, his devoted Mom and our dear friend, was clutching him a bit too close and Aiden squirmed to have a bit more space from her. After all, when you are in 4th grade, it may not be as "cool" to have your Mom holding your hand on the way to school.

Another change...

Those of you who know me well know that I am not
a huge fan of change.

While I know it's inevitable, at times I dig my heels in and protest a bit. I love the comfort of knowing how things are and having a sense of security, a knowingness I can depend upon. 

Inevitably I come back to have a small talk with myself. It goes something like this...

"You know you can't control anything. Right? You do get that, don't you?"

"Yup. I get that , but I have never been one to jump up and down with glee when change happens."

"What are you afraid of?"

A long pause here..."Losing things I guess. It seems like when things change, some things get lost in the shuffle."

"Have you ever considered that change, while uncomfortable at times, is also a gift?"

And the conversation continues. 

Dear neighbors leave and move to the east coast.  
A dear friend dies.
* School starts again for me. 
* An entirely new computer system is installed at the   
* A friend in great health takes a routine test and
   finds out she has cancer.

                               A gift? Hmmmm....

I recently read a quote that has circled around in my brain ever since, kind of an "Aha!" moment if you will...

"Change is something God uses to get our attention." 

Well I'm letting the Lord God Almighty know that I am all ears. This year, as changes unfold almost minute-by-minute, I am paying attention.

I am more aware than ever that how I approach change makes all the difference in my quality of life.

Clinging to old ways and old habits and old comforts can sometimes leave me exhausted.

Perhaps it's time to change how I see change.:)

Perhaps as I trust God to lead me through each change, I will feel less anxious.

What I do know for sure is that what doesn't change is God Almighty, the creator of Heaven and earth.

He doesn't change and His love for me doesn't change and that is the anchor in any storm or change that comes my way!

I ordered the book Girl Meets Change: Truths to Carry You Through Life's Transitions. The author, Kristen Strong, has some gems to offer that I'm sure will be life-lessons for me as I seek to embrace change with a new attitude of gratitude.

I'll keep you posted about what I learn.

And in that spirit, I'll finish my coffee and get ready to  go back to SCC! School awaits! And today, after thought and prayer, I'm going to try and anticipate this change with a grin on my face.

How do you feel about change? Do you embrace it or struggle with it? How do you include God in seeing change from His perspective?

Sending you loves and hugs and prayers!



Jackie said...

My heart is tugged at many aspects of this post.
I think about the 4th grader on the way to school with his Mom... The student wanting his "space" while the Mom yearns to hold him ever so closely. Sigh. Time moves too quickly.... Hold them while you can. Hold them while you can....
...The number of people that you have close to you that are either going through a health crisis or have passed away or moved away....I pray for healing for those who you love who have health issues. Prayers for you as you minister to them.
I do hope the new computer system at the college is "friendly" to you. :)
I smile as I type that, but I think you know what I mean. Learning a new system is not easy....but once learned, it usually improves our lives considerably. So....hang in there, my friend.
Sending you great big smiles....
(PS The air conditioner is still running full blast down here in our home in South Georgia. Hot as blazes....but I can feel a hint of autumn approaching. I can smell it. Isn't that weird? But I can.)

harbinger said...

Hi, I’ve been reading your posts and just wanted to share something? Please email me back. Thanks!


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