Friday, December 22, 2006


Friday's Favorite Quote for Friday, December 22nd

December 22nd has a special meaning in my life. It is my parents' wedding anniversary! They were married Decembember 22, 1941 and were married 50 years, before my Dad passed away.

They loved each other, and they loved me!

Today's "Friday's Favorite Quote" is something I heard from my parents every night of my life...until I left for college. Even in college and beyond, and in the worst moments, they would look at me and say these words. Today's favorite quote is for you Mom and Dad...

Mommy and Daddy

Will ALWAYS love you

No matter what!

I miss them every day, and especially at Christmas time! They taught me about unconditional love, and I will always love them ... no matter what! One of my "life lessons" as I approach sixty is fully appreciating the love my parents had for me, their absolute devotion, and how God blessed me by allowing them to be my Mom and Dad.


The Farrell Family said...

The love that you received from them and from the Lord in your lifetime oozes out of you to everybody that you meet. I always knew that you loved me, no matter what!

LORIE said...

Ever since Mia could talk we have had a little matra together:

"Mia, mommy loves you with all her. . . .?" and she says "heart."

"Mommy will never. . . . " and she says, "leave me."

"Mommy always comes. . . ." and she says, "back!! Have fun mommy" and then goes running off!

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