Friday, December 29, 2006


Recovery from an injury is a slow process!

If you are impatient, this may seem like an eternity as progress comes in inches, not in feet or yards.

I am working SO hard at recovering my full strength and mobility after shattering my ankle.

Six months ago I was newly in a cast, and I often still had to use crutches.

The cast came off in mid October, and I started intense physical therapy.

We have five flights of stairs in our home and going up and down them multiple times a day was agonizingly painful and dangerous, as my footing was unsure.

There were times when I read about the athletic accomplishments of others that I felt side-lined and almost ashamed that there was so little I could do.

BOTTOM LINE: I DIDN't GIVE UP! Hard work, guts, and determination pays off- in recovering from injuries and in every other area of life!

I may have other illnesses or injuries down the road, but with hard work I can give it a shot at coming back at full strength!

Giving up is not an option I can live with!

Today I can walk ten blocks at a time without stopping and keep up a pretty healthy pace as I walk at the mall twice a week!

I just got back from doing TEN blocks in the freezing cold (and I do mean, and I am THRILLED and GRATEFUL to be walking, walking, walking!!!!


Kim Ellis said...

Linda - I lift a glass in your honor and to congratulate you in not giving up. Your determination is inspiring to me.

The Farrell Family said...

It was so much fun walking with you at Babies R' Us... I can tell that Jacob will want to push the stroller and we'll have to jog to keep up!

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