Friday, January 05, 2007


Friday's Favorite Quote for Friday, January 5, 2007

Well-behaved women
Seldom make history!

Today is a landmark day for all women, no matter their political party. For the first time in 200 years, there is a female Speaker of the House of Representatives.
This is the highest office ANY woman has ever held in the US. Nancy Pelosi has made history!

I come from a very politically active family, I double majored in Communications and Political Science, and I am active in politics. My Grandma was a Democrat, my parents staunch Republicans (I trick-or-treated with Julie and Trisha Nixon when I was little), and I am an active Independent, voting for the person I feel will best do the job! Women only got the right to vote in 1920, and SO many women paved the way to this historic moment. I only wish my Mom was alive to see this. She always said..."Someday they'll figure out that smart women can effectively run ANYTHING!"

While I still believe that having good manners and being tactful is an important skill to develop, there are times when women need to be outrageous, step outside the box, and exercise all of the spunk, courage, love, joy and passion that God created in them.

Both my Mom and Grandma had great manners, but they also had moments of stepping up to the plate that were perceived by some as not being "well behaved." My Mom, in her fifties, helped to rid the University of Washington apartment area of drug dealers. She took pictures of the offending parties, orchestrated a petition, spoke with the police, and had a phone removed where drug buys took place. When she saw a problem or an injustice, she took action... she did something...she spoke up..even when others thought it "wasn't ladylike." My Mom and Grandma, just like all of the STRONG women who came before them, made history. They are my role models for having a voice!

So, to all of you who read this, find a moment to step outside your box, put "well behaved on the shelf. and test out your own unique courage! As I approach sixty, I've learned that when you do this, you'll find a new inner strength and a core value of authenticity!

God Bless! Love, Linda


kathibest said...

Hi Linda, I am back from my Blogging hiatis (smile)! I loved this post.

I am very patriotic and am thankful every day for the priveledge of voting and knowing that I have a voice!

I loved your paragraph about the importance of having manners and being tackful but at the same time not forgetting to be coragous enough to step outside the box and be outrageous!

I think sometimes, we get so caught up going Mach II in the crazy little triangles of our lives.

We get so focused on getting through the day and completing our list that we suffer from terminal seriousness. We forget to have fun, to be outrageous, to be spunky or fiesty.

Thank you for the inspiration and for the reminder to take time to look inside, awaken that inner voice and strength that lies with in us.

Kim Ellis said...

Linda - this is such a timely post for me to read. I too believe in voting even though I'm not a very political person - I still believe in making an educated vote.

Kathi's comment about slowing down fits right into the sermon that I heard yesterday and waiting. "Depth takes time" - that's the major thing that I took from the sermon and anything worth investing in takes time. In today's hurry world we all suffer from busyness and forget to invest in the important things in life. "Important" is different for every person and it's important that we respect that in each other.

I find that a lot of young people don't have manners and I acknowledge that it's something that needs to be worked on in society but I'm not into being "nice" just to be nice. I believe in being true to myself as gracefully as possible.

Enough of my ramblings! Linda - Happy New Year - I hope you have a great year working towards your 60th - I will mark the year with my 40th in September and plan on hitting it head on in the best shape ever (mentally and physically).

jessithompson said...


This is such an awesome post. I loved reading the whole thing... I smiled reading about Nana. She was the sweetest, fiesty lil' thing. :)

Thank you for being a role model for me about being an individual, standing up for what I believe in, being educated about what it is I believe in, and always reminding me that there was NOTHING I couldn't do if I set my mind to it.

I love you so much!

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