Friday, January 12, 2007


Friday's Favorite Quote for Friday, January 12th

The jump
is so frightening
where i am and
where i want to be...

because of all
i may become
i will close my eyes
and leap!

Today I want to take the risk to become all God meant me to be, in EVERY area of my life!

God Bless and Happy Friday! Love, Linda


Kim Ellis said...

Linda - that pretty much defines faith. Thank you for sharing.

The Farrell Family said...
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The Farrell Family said...

Relinguishment says, above all paths, plans, and people, I will deliberately rest in God's superintending of my life. I will chart my course to the best of my ability and watch as God fills my sails and compassionately involves himself in the direction my life ultimately takes. This assurance gives me the hope that allows me to lean in and enjoy the ride.
-Patsy Clairmont

I think that the journey to becoming more Christ-like is a life-long process. It's worth the risk!

kathibest said...

I love you Linda, thank you for another quote for me to add to my conqering fear list. I need all the tools I can get.

I think if it weren't for fear we would all be so much further in our walks through this mortal life.

Frustrating that fear is so paralyzing, I am inspired by our desire to become all that God meant you to be.

You are an amazing mentor for me, and I am inspired by your desire to be the BEST YOU!

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