Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I AM BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE....Thoughts on This Summer!

It is hard, on one level, to believe that my last post was at the end of the school year. Yet on another level I have been so busy LIVING this summer that I have waited until now to write about it! Here are a few highlights:

1) As soon as school was out and grades were in, it was time to kick into full gear with Ironman on the horizon. The Thursday before Ironman I had time with Emma and then again on Saturday night, before Ironman, we had a "sleep-over" at Nana's. I use the word "sleep" very loosely (she got to sleep at 1am). We had a blast telling stories and getting ready to get up at 4am (or at least I got up then). I'd forgeotten many of the ins and outs of getting ready with a toddler. Jessi did a great job packing Emma's "stuff" but the logisitics of kid-time and kid-stuff are amazing! Ironman was an amazing experience. Emma and I had Tri-Fusion colored balloons (and signs that disappeared before we could use them :( , but the best memories of the day were screaming for Mommy and Daddy, Kathi Best, and Uncle Mark! Seeing them all finish, their dedication and perseverence, was amazing. Doing the day with Emma, was even better! Both of us love to cheer on those we love! I love you Rog, Jessi, and rock and I am blown away by your athletic skills and discipline!

2) Following Ironman I went to Seattle for the Women of Faith Conference with Amy, Jenna, and Sharon Hartnett! What a blessing to have time with Amy and Jenna at the Westin Hotel, order room service, walk around Seattle, and go to Women of Faith. I have several vivid memories from past times at Women of Faith. Once Amy was in great pain, prior to her back surgery. The other time she and Ryan were praying non-stop to have a baby! God answered both of these prayers! Being in the arena, listening to so many Christian women singing, clapping, laughing and crying is beyond description for me. Doing that with Amy( and Jenna) and Sharon touched my heart! I felt then, and feel now, "Blessed beyond measure" and so grateful for all that God has done!!! Amy, Jenna, and Sharon...sharing my faith with you blesses me beyond measure!

3) Hoopfest came next and we came back from the Women of Faith Conference to cheer on Ryan and Zac! It's such a treat to see them play basketball. I love cheering on family members, no matter the sport!! I love you Ryan and Zac!

4) The next stop on the summer express was seeing Kayla at Horse Camp! She adores horses and loves to go stay at this ranch for a week to groom and care for her horse of the week. She also gets a chance to take riding lessons! How fun it was to drive out to see her in her final horse show! This brought back memories of my horseback riding days at Jimmy Rainwater's in Seattle!... a great memory and it's fun to watch Kayla do what she loves! Thanks Kayla for sharing your love of horses with me!

4) Then it was up to the lake for the 4th of July celebration! Highlights were decoarating the boat for the boat parade, seeing Jacob and Emma waterski, going on the yellow rubber raft behind the ski boat with Emma, the fireworks, and having relaxed time with family and friends! I'm constanntly amazed at the work Ryan and Amy (and family) have done up there. Everything from re-structuring the beach, to a HUGE weeding/ bark project, to building several slate walks, to curtains inside, to getting the rugs cleaned...the list goes on and on! There is no way Bert and I could keep this up without their help! Thank you Ryan, Amy and your whole family for all of your help! We love you!

5) Following more lake time and consulting and doing workshops for businesses, I headed to Cannon Beach for my yearly spiritual retreat with Sharon Hartnett! This really is personal restoration time for me! Highlights were GREAT and honest talks with my wonderful buddy Sharon, time for naps and more naps, walking, walking, and more walking, reading Ann Lamott's books (in fact reading 9 books while I was there), time on the ocean, and time to really reflect on my faith. I did LOTS of self-care and even had TWO massages in one week! I came back rested physically, spiritually, and emotionally! Thanks Sharon for being such a great friend!

6) Next, I loved celebrating Jessi's 30th birthday, post-Ironman! I had such fun going to lunch with her at Twiggs, and decorating a series of boxes and scapbooking messages on what turned out to be almost a wedding-cake sized present. I wanted each box to celebrate a part of who Jessi is as she starts her 30th year on the planet!(home, family, pamper yourself, athlete, faith...)! I was 30 when I had Jessi, so Jessi being 30 has lots of meaning for me! If you want to know what my daughter was like at age 4...just look at Emma!
Happy 30th sweetie! I love you!

7) Special time with my grandchildren and my daughters is a WONDERFUL part of the summer for me!!! I've had time to "snorkel" with Jacob, make trips to Ben Franklin, and be amazed at his alien drawings! I've had time to hold Jenna and caress her sweet face! I've had time to play castle with Emma, have lunch at Nordies and see a movie downtown. I've had time to watch Flicka with Kayla and talk to Zac, and I've had time to talk to Amy and Jessi (just about my favorite thing to do)! I love you all!

8) Special time with my sweetie Bert is also another wonderful part of the summer! Lately we've eaten in some new restaurants, enjoyed time at the lake, and watched movies that we both enjoy. We've also loved going to church together and rocking out to the gospel choir! And of course we talk endlessly....about life, faith, our kids and grandkids, and how blessed we are!

Today is August 1st, and there are several weeks left before summer winds down! I'm preparing for our annual family garage sale and relishing the time left before school starts! I've loved this summer and I'll cherish each day I have left before school begins again and my pace of life moves into high gear!

Recently Amy told me about a person at Safeway who when asked how he was said ..... "Blessed beyond measure!" That phrase really sums up my time this summer! I feel blessed beyond measure!

Love and hugs to all who read this! God Bless! Love, Linda


The Farrell Family said...

I've loved every minute of the time that we've spent together this summer. We have a lot of great memories! Thanks for all of your extra help with the children...they love spending time with you and it's given me some extra time to rest. You're such a blessing.


jessithompson said...

What an awesome update on the summer so far! I loved the pictures too... I am so glad that you've had some FUN time for yourself and with your family to rejuvinate you these last couple of months.

Thank you for the time we've been able to spend together, for the support on Ironman day, for going to the effort to spend quality time with Emma, and for my special birthday celebration. I love you, Mom!

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