Friday, November 30, 2007

WEIGHT WATCHER WEIGH IN: Another 3.6 Pounds Bite the Dust

After several weeks of being sick and Thanksgiving (which fell on my Weight Watcher Meeting day) felt GREAT yesterday to be back at Weight Watchers, weigh in officially, and attend the meeting. :)

I've lost another 3.6 pounds for a total of 24.6 pounds! I am making steady progress and I am pleased that the hard work (and I do mean hard work) is paying off!

At our meeting we developed a "Strategy for the Holidays!" Pre-planning makes a big difference as I go into a busy time with lots of social activities...most of which involve food!

My plan...lose five more pounds by Christmas eve, drink LOTS of water, up my exercise program, email my daily point totals to Amy so I am accountable on a daily basis, attend every weekly meeting, and remember to really enjoy my time and all the festivities!

I am not on a diet, I am doing a "lifestyle change!"

I feel GREAT physically, and even with the exhaustion of final exams and grading I am staying focused on my short term and long term goals!

Hope you are well too! God Bless and love and hugs to all who read this! Linda


Kim Ellis said...

Nice work Linda! You are so close to getting your 25 lb magnet!! I look forward to hearing about how exciting that is on you WW blog next week.

You are looking amazing - keep up the good work!

The Farrell Family said...

I'm so proud of you! You're really sticking with this and I can see the difference. You have a pep in your step and are looking more trim each week. Keep up the hard's worth it!

jessithompson said...

I love what you said about diet vs. lifestyle change. You look amazing and are glowing! Congratulations on all of this hard work! XOXO

Kayla Jode said...

Great job Nana! How close are you to your goal for before Christmas? Once again great job!!!! I love you all tons!

LORIE said...

Congratulations on your habit changes. Habits are hard to change. . .especially this time of year!

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