Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Teary Day, February 19th, Happy Birthday Mom!

I miss my Mom! 

I miss my Mom every day, but especially today since it is her birthday!
She would have been 96 years old today. I started to talk about her in one of the
college classes I teach, and I found myself very teary, even just saying that
it is her birthday.

Dolores Stanbury McColm was an amazing Mom who adored me every day of my life.
While I was a bit of a mystery to her, since I am an extrovert and she was an introvert,
she SHOWED up in my life, she was present physically and emotionally, she was on
my side, and she had my back! I have SO many great memories of her mothering and caring.
So many times when she "saved the day," showed up at my events, and took me to a million
activities. She was brilliant, beautiful, organized, thoughtful, unselfish and generous. She even sent anniversary cards to her friends who had lost their husbands, knowing that day would be tough for them.

It's amazing to me the HUGE hole that is left after her passing. She was ill for about three years, and the last two and a half years I went every other weekend to Seattle to coordinate her health care and help care for her. I felt honored to do that, to give back to a Momma who gave so much to me.

I feel so blessed to have had her as my Mom!
Happy Birthday, Mom! I miss you more than words can ever express!

God Bless!


Vicky said...

Oh happy Heavenly Birthday to your sweet mom! What a lovely tribute to her. I am praying for your sad heart today and hope that warm memories sustain you and bring you a measure of comfort- love to you friend~

Peggy Sue said...

How beautiful! Truly from a daughters heart! The missing never leaves does it? Hold tight to the love you shared and those wonderful sweet memories. BIH HUG and much love!

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