Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Soak in the Wisdom of Women- Vicky Westra, Ann Voskamp and Others Who Inspire Me

I am AMAZED, truly amazed 
I am stunned and shocked and inspired 
I am soaking it ALL in, deep into my bones 
I am grateful overflowing 
I am brought to my knees as tears fall, absorbing the dust and residue of my old hurts 
I am refreshed and renewed
By His message filtered through their words 

I am feeling my heart, opened in new ways
Pried open by the LOVE of Jesus
Sifted through the wisdom of these sisters
These sisters of inspiration
These God reminders
These movers in the Faith
These doers, not just talkers, although they talk so well and move so many
These authentic Jesus followers who lay it all down
These courageous givers and writers and day-changers
These picture-takers whose photographs and words move my soul
These Mommas to their own and Mommas to the forgotten
You are living His story for your lives

I am changed because of you
Your generosity of spirit
Your own hurts out on a table like the last supper, an offering
To Him
To us
To me

Your courage makes my own heart beat stronger
Your fight for life makes me appreciate, even more, every minute I am gifted
Your authenticity and transparency to share and be real and be deeply honest to the core
It challenges me to be ALL He means me to be

You are writers, sweet sisters of wisdom
You are livers and givers
You move mountains and help to make Jesus real
The Jesus who loves
The Jesus who is there with every heart beat
Who never leaves us
Who sustains us in times of the deepest. heart. breaks

You, sisters, who set aside your own ego,  your own accomplishments
You point the way to God Almighty
The Ruler of the Universe
The Creator
The Sustainer
The Jesus I know and love and serve

You are preachers and lovers and doers and you give feet and heart-beat to His word 
You light the way to His sacrifice, by your very own.

You minister, just as he did.

You give yourself away so He can use you.

And I am grateful beyond words.


Peggy Sue said...

Oh my Linda...I could not have come close to the beautiful way you just honored these women. I agree 100% with every word you wrote!
simple amazing and beautiful and so truthful! love to you dear linda!

Vicky said...

And you sweet sister in Christ, have a true gift yourself of words that bless, and teach, and give impact in their own insightful and wise way. You are such a blessing to me!!

This was so eloquent and felt like it poured straight from your heart- beautiful- friend- just like you-simply beautiful!

Love you friend- deep and wide.

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