Thursday, July 24, 2014

Advice from a Lake...

            Advice from a Lake

                    be. clear
       Make. positive. ripples


            Shore. Up. Friendships

       Look beneath. the. surface


      BE. FULL. OF. LIFE.

We just spent twelve wonderful days at Diamond Lake with the people we love most in all the world.
Since I am an early, yes very early riser, I loved starting each day with a fresh cup of coffee, my journal, and a quiet, bare-foot visit to the dock. That inviting jet-out of old-worn wood projecting over the reflecting water. Colors of reds and yellows and oranges on each ripple as the sun came up to greet me.

That now so still and quiet lake water as all the singing, yelling, joy-shouting young uns were still sound asleep.

My companions? A mama duck and her perfect row of sweet ducklings, trailing behind their mama ...still fuzzy as their feathers were just coming in. Mama and babies silently gliding across the sun-spotted water, barely making a ripple.

And the lake in all its glory. I took it all in as I said my first prayer. My first Alleluia. My first gasp at all God's glory. 

I knew, I just knew, that He wanted me there. As 
my re-direction, turn around I settled into asking questions and exploring the simplest of pleasures...I just gazed at the water. Still calm and peaceful before the energy-breaking, life-giving, smile-making, joy-busting activity of my precious
grandchildren came to life. Those balls of unbridles energy that threw themselves full force off the dock.
That's how they all do life, you know. From the smallest to the biggest, they love life full-force. 

Those trusting, fun-loving babies of our family and their teenage cousins, teaching their Nana to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.



Just be, Nana. Just soak in the advice from the lake, Nana. Just keep it simple, Nana. And remember to live the life-truths found here. Here at the lake.

And I did stop. And I am still smiling. Oh those sweet, dear young uns, so close to my heart.

And a special note to my grandchildren, in case you are reading this:
Thank you, sweet grandbabies of all ages, for reminding me. You are my teachers. I was your student.

I will love you forever, my precious, precious grandchildren, and you are GRAND...
I love you every the moon and back!

And, as I always remind you...
God loves you, yes you, and so do we!
Your grateful Nana

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