Monday, July 21, 2014

Saying "YES!" to Life!...

You're off to great places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So... get on your way!
                                      -Dr. Seuss
In the past few days I've felt an inner restlessness. An almost...Christmas is 
right around the corner and you are a small child waiting ... a giddy kind of 
child-like, pure JOY. That grinning from ear-to ear, fun-filled sense of 
well being that always comes before times of growth and learning.

Brewing and stewing and 
praying and saying....
that time of puzzle pieces flying around,
clearly visible although not yet in place. 
That time of wondering and asking and 
knowing something great is at hand. 
That deep awareness and positive anticipation 
that only  comes when 
I am rested and feeling filled with God's abiding love. 
     I am waiting for all life has in store. 
I was walking in Nordstroms, sometime back, looking for a present for my 
amazing 17 year old Granddaughter Glory Sihin, adopted three years ago from 
Ethiopia. Suddenly the message on a t-shirt in the Brass Plum spoke to me. Not 
literally spoke to me like, "Hey, Linda! Read this message!" It spoke to me like 
"Wow! This is for you girl!" It said:
                               She loved life! 
                    And it loved her right back!
What a poignant reminder that LOVE is an action word and loving life is accepting the invitation to begin a new adventure. So, when I get inspired, I do what I always do. I put on some great music and then take out one of my notebooks and special writing pens and let the ideas and lists and dreams flow out. 
Roll off my heart and mind and spirit. I say a quick prayer before starting and it goes something like this...

"Ok God. I'm all ears. I'm all yours. I'm all in...when it comes to my life! I'm listening. What's next?? Where do you want me to put my new and refreshed energy?"

And so this new journey begins. However, Step #1 is to do some "clean up" and closure. To send the emails and pay the bills and clear off the work space. Get ready for what is ahead and have closure and clean up in grateful anticipation
for what is in store.
I'm reminded of what Dan Zadra said:

                             This is your life,
                       your one and only life.
                               Don't miss it.
Would you like to follow this journey with me? I invite you to be a part of it, to experience it, and to share your journey with me. What do you do when the winds bring in a fresh breath of energy into your life and you start that blessed time of new joy and new growth?

Stay tuned. I am saying "Yes!" to life and "Yes!" to God's not so gentle tugging on my heart. This is going to be great! God has fun and grace and learnings and challenges in store and I anticipate with unbridled JOY all He wants me to learn.

I can't wait!

God Bless!

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Peggy Sue said...

This is a very intriguing post...full of bubbliness and happiness...full of things left unsaid and exciting journeys ahead. full of life, love and hope. I believe I just got a fresh breath of air...a renewal of I understand what you wrote. how I love how you write...the quotes, everything. Love to you Linda

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