Saturday, January 10, 2015

What a great day...I am so grateful!

                       Delight in the
                         little things.
                              -Rudyard Kipling
I just love days like this. In fact Saturday is one of my absolute favorite days of the week. On a usual work day I am up at 3:00-3:30 am, getting ready to grade papers from my college students and leave the house at about 5:00 to go teach. I stop at Safeway, which opens at 5:00 am, and get food to take to class, usually oranges, apples and granola bars. After all, college students are always starving. 

Then, a much anticipated stop at Jacob's Java...getting a huge treat...a mocha (single shot decaf) and saying good morning to Emily, another early bird like myself. This is all part of the weekday ritual. A well orchestrated, well planned "hello" to Monday through Friday.

You see I have a 7:15 Intercultural Communication class, which is filled with exceptional students, and then three more classes  in a row. All of my class preparation happens from the time I get to school at 5:30 until 7:15. I love it, but it's busy and there's hardly a moment to breathe. This week was the first week of a new quarter, and we are all relieved to have those first awkward days behind us. However, Monday through Friday of this week there was even more pressure and a fast-paced schedule to boot.

And then comes Saturday, like a gift wrapped with a huge red bow. Saturdays,
for me, are always amazing, almost delicious, like a mini-Christmas morning filled with delight and anticipation. Especially this one. 

Saturdays are a complete change of pace and life-rhythm.

This morning I slept in until 7 am, yes, 7am, which is unheard of for me. I took some extra time for prayer and journal writing while enjoying the most delicious cup of coffee in front of a roaring fire. Since Bert was still sleeping, I headed to the grocery store. Everything just seemed light-hearted and fun. Getting a mocha, planning a scrumptious winter dinner, buying groceries, seeing a sea of blue and green Seahawk balloons by the checkout stand, greeting Cindy who bagged my groceries, and going to Great Harvest for their freshly made cinnamon rolls, a reminder of a recent Hawaii ritual Bert and I enjoyed on our vacation. 

It's amazing how a little extra sleep plus time for prayer changes my perspective on the whole world!

A day full of laundry and catch up and paying bills, just the usual, brought me so much happiness. Making a dinner of leg of lamb with baked veggies, squash and apple, so good! I felt grateful to make dinner and be alive to do even the smallest task.

And part of my joy, always, is sharing even the smallest moments with my beloved Bert. Today I would do a project and he would come over and "ooh and ahh" and I would do the same with his accomplishments. Holding hands, small smooches here and there. Thirty plus years of marriage and I still adore that man. 

And now, another fun moment. I  am writing this post while watching our beloved Seahawks play in the playoffs. To top it all off, my thirteen year old grandson Jacob and I are texting after the huge plays. Chancellor just intercepted and went 89 yards for a touchdown!!! How good does it get!

It really is true that when we take delight in the small things, our gratitude is overflowing.

My word for 2015 is RENEW and I feel like today is a step in the right direction for refreshing my life and "renewing a right spirit within me."

Perhaps that restoration comes from rest and prayer and also seeing God's blessings through new eyes, eyes that are looking to truly appreciate each little chore and task and encounter with others. A new persecutive, if you will. 

I truly want to live every day as if it was my last, cook every meal with fun and anticipation, as if it was my last, and hold my husband's hand with gratitude, as if I would no longer be able to do that. Today helped me to appreciate it all.
As I took each moment in, I could feel gratitude quietly invading my soul.
Almost a whisper from God. This is a miracle, this small thing. Don't miss it.
And today I didn't mis it. What a great day, filled with small delights, and I am so grateful.

May your days be filled with small and large joys. And no matter what, even on the days it is hard to delight in our lives, may we know in our deepest heart of hearts that we can change our perspective. We are still here. We are still blessed. We still have one more day. Everything is a gift, even those things that don't look gift wrapped. And as my friend Vicky reminds me... All Shall be Well!

And most importantly, for me, a daily focus...God holds me in the palm of His Almighty hand. Today I remembered that.

God Bless!
Love, Linda

PS. The colors on today's post are SEAHAWKcolors! And we won the game! Woop Woop!


Vicky said...

We're kindred spirits, friend. Just yesterday at the hockey rink, I sat, surrounded by friends and friends who feel like family, and took a step back and thought, "it doesn't get any better than this." We were all in the moment together, and relishing each bit of it. It was all so simple, and all so clear.

"Gratitude in everything, leaves us wanting for nothing." Amen!

Love you friend- love, love, love you!

Peggy Sue said...

Aaah how this mde my soul sing.... I could feel your joy and 'Renew' in each word you I loved reading this... I am not quiet there yet...some days joyful..other days worried...but I am working on it :) love love this Linda! such a wonderful reminder. love you!

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