Monday, May 11, 2015

Thanks, Mom!

       You will never truly understand
                  who your mother was, 
                 or what she did for you,
                       until she is gone.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. In fact it felt as if this whole weekend was a celebration of being a Mom.
When you walked into Safeway there were balloons and flowers everywhere. People I didn't even know in stores wished me a Happy Mother's Day. 

We had grandchildren over this weekend, and I took them shopping for their Mom. Saturday night we went to a grandson's superhero birthday party, which was also a celebration for Moms.

I could feel my Mom's spirit all weekend. I could see her face in my grandchildren. 

I remember the mother-daughter dresses she always made for us to wear on Mother's day. I bought her a card, like I always do, and while I can't give it to her in person, I just can't break that tradition.

I miss her. I miss her every day. 

A huge piece of who I am came from Dolores Stanbury McColm. Here are just a few of the important things she taught me:

* My Mom had elegant manners. She didn't come off as being stiff and formal, yet she showed such dignity in how she thanked others and showed concern for them. She always sent anniversary cards to her friends, even after their spouses had passed away. She knew that was still a special date in their heart.

* My Mom was so unselfish. She would drop what she was doing to be of help, not just to me but even my friends. It wasn't unlike her to make a meal for the entire freshman Husky basketball team, since my surrogate brother, Mark Bantz, was part of that group.

* My Mom entertained and made it look easy. She decorated her table, often with a theme, had a meal that was both nutritious and gorgeous aesthetically, and she never seemed hassled or nervous to have friends drop in and eat with us.

* My Mom always kept promises. In all of the years I saw her in action, not once did she let me or anyone else down. If Dolores told you she would do it, she did it.

* My Mom put outfits together and always looked amazing. Just as she dressed up a table for entertaining, she put clothes together so they looked

stylish and fun.

* My Mom was smart, really smart. She ran my Dad's business and never missed a beat. Yet she never boasted about her intelligence, she just read everything in sight and had several college degrees.

* My Mom was my most loyal champion. She stood up for me, no matter what. She would have done anything to support me. She believed in me.

While my Mom and I had very different personalities, the core of how I treat people and conduct my life... I learned from my wonderful Mom.

I miss her. Every day. I had no idea, and I mean no idea, how my life was intertwined with hers until she was gone. I am grateful, so very grateful, for her love and guidance and teaching.

Happy Mother's day, Mom! And Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms out there!

God Bless!

Love, Linda

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Bridget Williams Golden said...

Dear Linda - what a beautiful tribute to your mother. I stumbled upon your blog today as I was working on some Mortar Board alumni data. Your mother was initiated in 1939 at Montana State University. Before sending alumni records, I scan/google names to see if there are some older members who may be deceased. I came upon your beautiful writing of your mother. I have marked her as deceased in our records, but wanted to reach out to thank you for sharing her legacy with those around you. She sounds like quite a leader!
Bridget Williams Golden, Expansion Specialist
Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society

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