Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cherish Your Life...Every Single Moment!

And when I give thanks for the seemingly
microscopic, I make a place for God to grow
within me.
                                -Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

We have been cherishing the smallest moments all week
long. In the midst of barely breathing at times, we have
been so deeply grateful for every blessing.

As my friend Vicky said, "We are cherishing our life, every single moment."

One evening, when the sun was starting to set, Bert and I
took some sparking cider and sat on the bench in our front yard. We held hands, not saying a lot. There was no need to put words to what has been a wonderful and very hard week.

Having a stroke, even one like a TIA, is a game-changer.
(for more details, see last post).

We are adjusting to the changes. Bert has retired from counseling after 30 plus years helping people. He may do some counseling informally, but he felt the time has come. This isn't a small change, given all of the other changes.

Recently we were at a restaurant eating breakfast after church.
When it came time to pay the bill, the waitress (who feels like part of our family), smiled slyly and said, "Your breakfast has been paid for." We looked around and Bert saw a client. The gentleman stood up and in a booming voice thanked Bert for all the people he had helped and for helping to save his marriage. The folks in the restaurant beamed and clapped.

That's just how Bert is. He loves people for who they are and his loving and caring presence helps people grow.

Bert has been God's hands and heart in healing so many others.

We are taking life one step at a time and the greatest priority is Bert getting his strength back. Lots and lots of doctor's appointments. So many times I have thought of my dear friend Vicky Westra and my friend Jackie in Georgia and all of the appointments they have had.  

Yet we are focusing on how blessed we are to have Bert here and hope these appointments will be part of his healing process.

Truthfully, I have been emotionally and physically exhausted, not sleeping very well yet. I'm back to teaching and juggling lots on my plate. I know that God will calm my heart and I am trusting in His plan for our lives. It just isn't easy, that's for sure. Yet what I know for sure is that God is right there with us in every cherished moment and every hard moment.

Thank you for your prayers, your cards and well wishes.
We are so grateful for each prayer and for your support, especially right now.

May you know in your deepest heart-of-hearts that God loves you and holds you in the palm of His Almighty hand!


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Vicky said...

You were just on my mind and here you are! Have thought of you, and Bert, so very much. I think sometimes our head knows the logical answer, but our heart and soul take awhile to catch up. Please be easy on yourself for these most stressful life changes you are both going through. I just love that someone did something so nice for the two of you- and that he let Bert know that his work mattered- that he mattered. I think that is the biggest gift!

Prayers as you head into another busy week- peace and calming for you Linda, and healing for Bert- on all levels! Love you- to the moon!!

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