Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Gratitude...

                 ..               Throw Kindness Around Like

What an amazing year 2015 has been. My word for the year has been "renew" and as Christmas approaches, and New Years is right behind, I find myself reflecting on what has really mattered in 2015.

Over and over again the kindness of others, and God's grace and kindness, has been our shining light. We are renewed and changed and refreshed by those dear people who truly care for us. The kindness that touches us the most is not some huge thing, but rather small, daily kindnesses that renew our faith that "All shall be well!"

A perfect example of a random act of kindness that renewed our faith and restored our souls happened just the other day. The doorbell rang and a package arrived. It was from Hamilton, Montana. 

I looked at the label and said aloud..."Oh my, sweet Peggy Sue did this!" What a treat it was to see some special items she had picked for me as she closed down her shop. In the midst of her super busy schedule, she remembered me, she remembered "us." Her sweet card included my beloved Bert. I just cried and cried as I read it. Thanks Peggy!

That's just one of so many cards and food items and books and hugs that special folks have brought over. 
Thank you to all of you!

You have thrown kindness to confetti!
What a gift that has been to our souls!

Not only does kindness come from friends and family, Bert and I are also marinated in God's kindness to us! The best Christmas present ever?
His son Jesus! We are also so grateful to our church and the kindness they have shown us in 2015!

Finally, as the year comes to a close, Bert and I are having some "renewal time" together so I will be gone from this blog for a bit. Never fear, I'll be back soon!

May this Christmas be a time of renewal and hope for you! May you know God's love and grace, deep in your heart of hearts!

Sending you loves and hugs and the moon and back!

Merry Christmas!
God Bless!


Vicky said...

Me too!! Wasn't that the best surprise ever? I was so touched, just like you! The boys were just wide eyed opening each thing so lovingly wrapped and sent to us. I am so grateful you and Bert get to have a little time away- yes rest and renew! You're showing us how to do just this and its such an honor to walk along with you! Enjoy your time away and we'll be here waiting for you when you come back! Love, love, love to you and Bert!

Jackie said...

Enjoy your quiet and restful time away, my friend.
Sending love to you and Bert.
Take care of you both.
Thinking of you....

Jackie said...

December 20, 2015
Hi, my friend.
I know that you are away...but I am thinking of you and Bert, and I wanted to let you know.
Sending you wishes for a beautiful Christmas.
Hugs and love,

Jackie said...

December 25, 2015
It's Christmas Eve, and I wanted to wish you and Bert a very Merry Christmas.
Thank you for the SWEETEST Christmas card!!
Sending you love and hugs,

Jackie said...

Jan. 2, 2016
Thinking of you and Bert, and wanted to wish you both a joy-filled new year.
Praying for you.....

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