Saturday, January 02, 2016

Oh...The Fun We Had!!

Never, ever underestimate
 the importance of 
                       having fun!
                               -Randy Pausch

When I look back at the last twenty one days, well I
just can't stop grinning from ear-to-ear! Our trip to Maui had been planned for a year. For Bert and for me, Maui is our favorite place in the whole world. Our time in Hawaii is a retreat.

Going to Hawaii is a chance to see one of the most beautiful places God created. The warm weather, especially in December, is such a marked contrast from the cold and snow in our beloved Spokane.

And our only agenda there is to relax and have fun. The to-do list gets left at home! 

Our goal? Have fun! Lots of fun! Frolicking in the waves fun! Going out for espressos fun! 

Reading book after book kind of fun! Laughing
until it hurts kind of fun! Soaking in the sunshine and sleeping in kind of fun.

The fun gets even better when our family joins us.
There's nothing like seeing our grandchildren dance in the waves of the ocean and swim in the pool like fish. It makes our hearts swell with pure JOY!

Nothing says FUN with capital letters like spending time with our grandchildren. 

Those precious babies that we have watched grow are such a reminder of God's love and grace. They give us a sense of purpose and a deep sense of love
that is hard to put into words. 

We are their cheering section, their mentors, their listening ear, their prayer partners, and we have their back. Bert and I always believe in them.

This trip to Maui was even more meaningful as we all wondered if we'd actually be able to go. Bert had a TIA stroke in October and for a time travel seemed unlikely.

Yet the promise of fun, and sun, and family time was something to work toward and look forward to. Bert had a goal...he didn't want to miss out. 

So today we left Maui after twenty one days of JOY... tanned and happy and fun-filled. It was 82 degrees and we came home to one degree. That's degree. 

We left sunsets and sand for piles and piles of snow...four feet to be exact!

And we are still smiling and so, so grateful for this retreat, this time away. And having that time with Bert...all I can say is "Thank you God for answering our prayers!"

In 2016, one of our goals is to build in more time for fun and to find the fun in the everything we do! 

May this new year bring love, fun and JOY into your life as well.

Sending you love, hugs and prayers!
God Bless!

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Jackie said...

Sooooo happy that you and your family had this precious time together!!
Welcome back.....and happy new year.
Love and hugs,

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