Thursday, January 07, 2016

My Word for 2016....

                     This little light of mine,
              I'm going to let it shine.
            This little light of mine,
              I'm going to let it shine.
             This little light of mine,
               I'm going to let it shine.
                      Every day!
                      Every way!
   I'm going to let my little light shine!

I have always, always, ALWAYS loved the children's hymn
"This Little Light of Mine!" 

When the children at our church sing this precious song, their eyes light up, their hearts swell, their sweet voices blend together... and well, I just melt. Tears roll and I feel as if God Almighty is right there singing along with us. The words... so optimistic, so hopeful, so FULL of JOY! And as I gaze around our sanctuary I see tears streaming down the faces of grown men as they sing along or just mouth the words. 

The words are so simple yet they tell such a profound story... God's love lights my heart and every day, and in every way, I'm going to let His light shine through me.

This song about light is even more precious to me since I love lanterns and candles that shed light into the darkness. If you were to visit my front and back yard, in any season, you would see light permeating the darkness. Even with all of the snow we have piled everywhere, those lanterns, in the deepest days of winter, hold lit candles that reach out and bring hope when the landscape is very, very dark.

Just like those candles in the dark that light my path through our yard, God's love and grace lights my way when all is wonderful and when all seems hopeless. 

His LOVE is the ray of hope and light when the world seems crazy and my own world seems upside down.

In Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, the entry for January 2

says: "Relax in my healing presence. As you spend time with Me, your thoughts tend to jump ahead to today's plans and problems. Bring your mind back to me for refreshment and renewal. Let the light of my presence soak into you, as you focus your thoughts on me."

On January 4th it says, "When you view events through this perspective- through the Light of my universal Presence- fear loses its grip on you."

At the start of each new year I go through the ritual
of picking my word for the year, a word to set the tone for each day. A word to guide me in every area of my life. A word to help me be closer to my Heavenly father.

I have been asking God for His word for me...a word that will remind me that All is Well, no matter what. 

And yesterday that word popped up everywhere and I couldn't stop smiling. My word for 2016 is...


In 2016 I want to let my little light shine. I want to remember 

minute-by-minute that God's light is never extinguished, it is never blown out. He promises you and He promises me that
in days of joy and days of change and sorrow, He never leaves us or forsakes us. His light is the way in the darkness. Always... every day and in every way.

I truly believe that, as Kristen Strong says...

            When change wipes all the natural light from
             the rooms of my heart, being thankful is the way
             to open bolted shutters and knock holes in thick walls.
             Being thankful is the way to usher the light back in."

Would you like some light in your world, right this very minute? Give yourself the best gift ever and watch these two

wonderful songs by the African Children's Choir. 

Oh how they have lit up my spirit and heart on this cold, winter morning in Spokane. They remind me that God loves me and to "Let My Little Light Shine! ENJOY!

God Bless!
Love. Linda


Jackie said...

I am thankful for my Savior... The Light of the world.
Thank you for this inspiring post.
Keep smiling. Keep shining.

Vicky said...

Light simply exudes from your words! I find myself grinning and truly sensing it around me- and I"ll be taking some with me when I click away. Can't wait to see all the ways light shines around you in the coming year!

Love you dear one!

Jackie said...

Thank you for the beauuuuuutiful card!
It arrived today.
You are so sweet....
I'm blessed to call you friend.

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