Sunday, February 21, 2016

DEAR GOD...Please help....

                    Not to spoil the ending for you,
             but everything is going to be okay.

*Note: A quick, small but positive update after yesterday's doctor's appointment on 2/24.
Annora Grace's heart beat was strong and she is growing stronger each day. The huge cyst Amy had on her ovary originally, that had the doctors worried, is gone completely. And praise God there was a little movement of her placenta from right over the cervix. She needs more movement of it, but we were thrilled to see so many answered prayers. Please keep praying and thank you for your prayers!!

I am a feeler. I have always been one, even as a little girl.
When I first took the Myers Briggs Inventory the results showed me to be an extrovert, intuitor, feeler and judger (not judgmental but decisive in making decisions). My feeling nature used to drive my dearly beloved Mom, "nuts!" as she used to say. From time to time I would get a small yet loving reminder from my dear Mama that said...

"Just think your way through this, honey, put those big feelings of yours on the back shelf." 

She's end the lesson with some great words of wisdom...

                        "everything is going to be okay."

Luckily she didn't say that it would all turn out just the way I wanted it to. Yet she was clear that even when there were hard
endings, and there certainly would be hard endings, I needed to trust that I would get through things. Even the hardest of things.

Years later, when I gave my heart to Jesus, I could add that I would trust that everything would be okay because God was there, He was in charge. 

He would be there no matter how things turned out.

As I look ahead to this next week, and have a hard time staying in the present, I know that God is here...holding my hand. Whispering that "all is well, even though things are scary and not easy."

Our precious daughter Amy is carrying a miracle baby, Annora Grace. Some weeks ago she was diagnosed with complete placenta previa, a condition that has put her on modified bed rest. This has been a very hard pregnancy and Annora Grace is only 29 weeks along and close to three pounds. 

This week Amy started to have some contractions that concerned us a bit and this Wednesday at 2:00 Amy will have an ultrasound and some decisions will be made about how to proceed from here. The contractions may just be braxton hicks contractions, in preparation for Annora's birth in late April, or that's what we are praying.

I wish I could say that I trust God so much that I am not scared, but that would not be true. 

I know that Jesus was also afraid when things got very hard and asked God to let this cup pass from him. Yet when it didn't pass, He gave his fear over to His Father. I look to Jesus as my Savior and the role model for how to live my life. I have been praying non-stop that this cup would pass and that Amy would be fine and that Annora Grace would not be born prematurely. I have been praying non-stop that the placenta would move from where it is.

Amy has such faith that she reminded me this week that somehow God would use all of this for His good. No matter what, she was trusting Him. Yet I can see in her eyes and hear in her voice so much love and concern for Annora. As a Mama to Amy and a Nana to Annora, it's just plain hard to see them go through this. 

So we are doing what we can do, and what God has asked us to do, and that is surrounding Amy and Annora Grace with prayers, lots of prayers! 

***Would you please pray with us, especially this Wednesday      
                at 2:00 (Pacific Standard Time)

This morning I am giving my fear to Him and thanking Him for His presence and His love and His grace!! 

Yes, Lord, everything will be okay because I am trusting in You.

God Bless!
Love, Linda


Jackie said...

Prayers on Wednesday FOR SURE...and prayers from now to then. Promise!!
It must be difficult beyond words for all of you. I can't say, "Don't worry" because I honestly think that within our "Mama's DNA Strand" 'worry' is somehow woven in. I say that with a smile in my heart because I'm a Mama, and I simply believe Mamas have that worrying completed covered.
Our Father Who is in Heaven holds us ever so close.....and I put my head on His shoulder at times like these and ask Him to hold me. He always does. He's a wonderful Father, and I pray to Him through Jesus my Lord that He will touch little Annora....gently calm Amy's contractions, and will continue to be with them both as that precious one continues to grow and gets ready to make her presence in this world.
Hugging you, Linda. Hugging you, Amy. Continued prayers and love to you and your sweet family.

Jackie said...

Tuesday morning
Woke up this morning with a prayer in my heart for Amy and Annora.
Sending love....

Jackie said...

Tuesday evening....
It is 8:15 PM (EST) and we will be under a severe weather warning between 6 AM and 10AM. All local schools are closed for Wednesday (that never happens!) so I know that we are in for some severe weather (tornadoes, possibly.)
But....I wanted you to know that I will still be praying for your Amy and Annora...and I will continue doing that.
"God. Please take precious care of both of them. I ask in Jesus' name. Amen."
Love to you and yours,

Jackie said...

Wednesday morning
Today is the day for Amy's ultrasound.
I pray for Annora and for Amy.
"I thank You Lord for all blessings.
I praise Your name. Amen. "

Jackie said...

February 26
I praise His name above all names.
"Thank You, Heavenly Father, for being ever so close to Amy and Annora. Thank You, Lord, for your eternal protection. Amen."
Dear Linda....Know that I continue to lift them both up in prayer.
Thank you for your sweet sweet spirit, my friend.
I treasure your friendship.

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