Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Thank You God for Answering Prayers!

What an AMAZING week it has been! Time after time we have seen God gracing our family with answered prayers. Yesterday was one of those days where I was on my knees in gratitude.

If you read this blog regularly you know that our precious granddaughter, Glory Sihin, has spent the last eight months working toward getting an ACT 6 Scholarship. This amazing scholarship would allow her to attend a small, private Christian University in Spokane and all four years would be paid in full. Applying for the scholarship meant writing lots of essays, going through three in-person experiences, doing a three day on-campus visit with an in-person writing of an essay, group discussions about assigned articles, doing activities with other applicants and being interviewed by Whitworth faculty. Two thousand students applied, then there were semi-finalists and finally 8 finalists. 

The Whitworth envelope and letter arrived yesterday and we were all holding our breath as Glory Sihin opened it. The photograph above shows her grin!!

The letter said that our precious Glory Sihin was one of those 8 finalists and got her scholarship. We have all been crying and celebrating God's love and answered prayers.

So many people have prayed and we are so grateful for your prayers. What a dream come true for our granddaughter, adopted just five years ago from Ethiopia. Glory grew up in an orphanage there and came to live with my daughter after an amazing story of Amy following God's call to say "yes!"

We have also been praying for our daughter, Amy, who has experienced some serious complications in her pregnancy. We are so grateful to God that both Amy and Annora Grace 
are hanging in there and Amy, who is on modified bed rest, is getting so much help from all of us who love her. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Amy and Annora Grace.

I truly believe that prayers are powerful. God asks us to pray for one another and I LOVE to pray for others. It is such an honor to bring their names and needs to the Lord. What a humbling experience to have others pray for us. It means the world to me.

How grateful I am to see God's answered prayers this week.

Sending you loves and hugs and prayers!
God Bless!


Jackie said...

So happy for Glory and for all of your family!
Thankful that prayers were answered in the affirmative; continued prayers for Amy and Annora Grace.
Thank you fur sharing this news with us.

Vicky said...

The photograph shows how beautiful she is, inside and out! Celebrating along with you- praise be to God! So happy for all of her hard work and faithfulness to have paid off! Then to hear that your daughter is doing well on bed rest is also a praiseworthy moment. Answered prayers, for sure! Sending much love to you all- and prayers for continued success and good health!

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