Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hope and Fear... and Thanks To God, Hope Wins Out

                                     Fear less,
                         hope more.

The past almost nine months my heart has been in my throat.
Our precious daughter, Amy, has been pregnant and this has not been an easy pregnancy, not easy at all. Her doctor called it a "high risk pregnancy," high risk to Amy and high risk to her precious daughter, Annora Grace.

Annora is my granddaughter, and I get very teary every time I call her name. It's as if her name is a prayer, a calling to God Almighty. Please God, let them both be okay.

I have been so touched, down in my deepest heart-of- hearts, by the gift so many of you have given us... your love, your caring and most importantly, your prayers. Thank you Vicky. Thank you Jackie. Thank you Peggy. Thank you Myia. Thank you Sharon. Thank you church family. Thank you to all of you who have lifted up Amy and Annora, lifted our family up.

What I know for sure is that God hears them all...all of those prayers. Your prayers. My prayers. He asks us to pray. And He asks us to trust Him, no matter what. 

No matter how hard it gets. He is in the midst of the hard and the very hard.

Amy is on almost full bed rest. She has been the most amazing trooper, following the doctor's orders...and there have been so many of them. Most amazing to me, is that she hasn't complained. She constantly reminds me that God has got this. This is His plan and that good will come out of this, no matter how it goes.

I know that. I do. But honestly, I am scared, fear-filled at times. Not sleeping well and when I wake up, I keep praying.

And I am HOPE-filled. Every time fear takes over, for even a second, HOPE rushes in. His hope. His love. His message that All is matter what.

Hope wins out over fear when we give our lives to God, truly surrender them to Him. When we can say, without reservation, "I trust YOU, Lord, with this. Help me to hope in you."

After all, He told me that "Faith, hope and love, these three. And the greatest of these is love." Yes it is, His love is greater than anything and it surrounds Amy and it surrounds Annora Grace.

It is not long now until labor and delivery will take place, days really. At the most a week. Could I ask you to pray with me for Amy and Annora. Could you ask others to pray that God might do a miracle and bring them both through this...

May His will be done!
I'll keep you posted!
God Bless!
Much love, 


Jackie said...

I have been waiting to hear a definitive date for Annora's wonderful and miraculous arrival. I pray and pray and pray....and am so thankful for the loving and patient ways of your sweet Amy. God bless her as she waits for her Annora Grace to arrive.
Bless you, too, my friend as you pray diligently for your daughter and your granddaughter. Please, know that I pray with assurance that God will take care of Mother and Child.
Sending you love.....

Jackie said...

Saturday night
....Whispering another prayer for Amy and Annora.
"Take tender care of them sweet Jesus ."

Jackie said...

Sunday morning....
When I woke up to a beautiful day this morning, I thanked God for all the wonders and majesties that He created.
I thanked him for loving and caring for us....and whispered a prayer for Amy and Annora Grace.
Praise God from Whom all blessing flow.

Miss Myia said...

Yes, my dear Linda, I'm praying for them both and you you to the moon and back! I'm traveling to Walla Walla, leaving here (Galena, Illinois) on Friday, it will be a three day drive but each night I will check to see if she has delivered....Jessi has my phone number....Love you! Myia

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