Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Sting of Betrayal...

                   "Let Me control your mind. The mind is the most
                restless, unruly part of mankind...though my
                blood has fully redeemed you, your mind is the last   
                bastion of rebellion. Open yourself to My radiate
                presence, letting My light  permeate your thinking.
                When my spirit is controlling your mind, you are
                filled with Life and Peace."
                                                             Jesus Calling, April 21st

It has been quite a week, one that has me reeling and spinning.
It hasn't been easy, yet some weeks are just like that. Jesus never promised easy, He promised hard. Well, He kept that promise.

All of the minute details don't matter. The gist is this: I am a club advisor at the college were  I teach.  Outside of class, I work with a group of students to help them develop communication skills and leadership skills. In the past week, things have gone south with one of the people in that group. In the midst of a huge project she has created drama and said and done hurtful things. Many of these "things" have been directed at me.

I have asked God to guide me as I deal with this individual, yet
as the truth has unraveled, and I see the destruction of what she has said and done, I am left speechless.

Speechless is not often a stage I go through. 

I am having trouble making sense of her rancor and the venom she is spewing. It feels like such a betrayal to her fellow officers. It feels like a betrayal to me.

I recognize that hurt people, hurt people and she is a very hurt person who is hurting other people. Yet it still stings.

I had a hard time sleeping last night as I will be in a meeting with her today. My mind was reeling. I am asking God to guide me. I am asking God that the words of my mouth be acceptable in His sight.
I am asking God to help this student. She is one of His beloved children no matter how toxic her behavior might be.

I am asking God to control my mind and permeate my thinking with His holy presence, just as it says in Jesus Calling this morning.

And in the midst of tossing and turning, it came to me. The "it" was God's wisdom. I could almost hear His voice and it said oh so clearly-
                      pray for her, pray for her, Linda. 

It also said, "Turn off your mind on this subject and turn your mind over to me."

I want to remember the wisdom in Jesus Calling that I read this morning...
                  "Open yourself to My radiate Presence, 
                  letting My light permeate your thinking."

Could I ask you to please pray for my hurting student?
Could I ask you to please pray that the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart would be acceptable in His sight!!

Thank you for your prayers!
God Bless!
Love, Linda



Jackie said...

I bow right now at the feet of our Lord....coming to Him on behalf of this troubled student and on behalf of my friend Linda. I pray for a solution that will benefit both of them and that will glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Linda, I know this has to be incredibly hard for you. What wisdom you have to know that " the hurt person hurts..." Praying for a resolution that brings peace for you...and for the student.
I'm sorry you are having to go through this.

Vicky said...

Goodness, friend, you have been through it! How is it possible I just finished reading these words:

Sorry I can't link to it- but It's Ann Voskamps post "how to love the people who have hurt you." Ann knows my heart so often, and today friend, maybe she speaks to yours? I'm praying for you and for your hurt person. I've come to an age where sometimes I just don't face up to them- I retreat and protect myself- and I pray you have avenues of retreat, and not having to sit so close to the fire. Loving you so big, so much, all day, and all night...

Jackie said...

Friday night.....
In prayer for your sweet girls: Amy and Annora.....

Jackie said...

Saturday night
Thank you so much for letting me know about Annora's birth. I pray for her breathing tonight...,for stronger breaths....and I thank God for a safe birth for her and for continued healing for Amy.
I sent you a Facebook message today hoping to connect with you on FB. It may have gone to your "other" folder.
I praise The Lord for a safe delivery for Mother and Baby. Get some rest, my friend. And you know I will pray and pray for Annora Grace and for Amy.

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

Thank you for the update on Amy and Annora Grace. My heart is full....happy!!.... and I'm singing His praises for the precious and tender care He has taken of both of them.
Highest honor and admiration to Amy for the steadfast way she tended to baby Annora Grace while Annora waited to come into this world. Amy: You are the best Mama....and I am so thankful for your labor of love while you were confined to bed rest...and I pray for quick healing following your surgery.
Hugs from South Georgia to you.
Linda....Take some time for YOU now....Please. I lift you up. You know that I continue to pray for you.
Love you,

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