Sunday, May 08, 2016

About Being a Mama...Happy Mother's Day!

               The handprints of our
            children will be captured
                on our hearts forever.

"Blink!" and they are grown up. "Blink!" and they have a job and a family and everything you dreamed for them to have. "Blink!" and those small babies you held close are now teenagers and then young adults in college and then adults who are holding babies of their own.

Whew! It happens so fast. 

Every one of those miraculous, amazing, challenging moments.

Every one of those heart-bending, heart-breaking, heart-swelling moments of being a Mom.

What a miracle from God, this gift of being a Mama.

Today is Mother's Day and I am reminded of the lyrics from one of my favorite old musicals- Fiddler on the Roof...

       "Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset....
         Quickly flow the years
         One season following another,
         Laden with happiness and tears."

I have loved every day of being a Mama, and I am grateful every day that I had the most amazing Mama ever. I miss her every day. I get her a Mother's Day card... just because.

What a joy, what an honor, what a mystery being a Mama truly is. I am so glad that God blessed me with my children, my teachers!

Yet this morning I am reminded of and praying for...

*Women who so desperately wanted to be a Mama, and it just didn't happen.
*Women who lost babies before they were born.
*Women who have lost their own Mama and are in grief today. *Women who are adopted and may not know their Mama who gave birth to them. 
*Women who have had children and lost them and Mother's day celebrations cut deep for them.

This morning I woke up with a dear friend on my heart. Recently she lost both her best friend, her Mom, and her son. I sent her an email just letting her know she was on my heart and in my prayers.

Prayers that God would comfort her today and give her His peace that passes all understanding. May she know a sense of gratitude for all the good memories she has with both her Mama and her son.

And today when our family gathers and we celebrate the Nanas and Grandmas and Mamas... my own heart will be full. I am grateful for them all and very aware how fast it all goes.

Yes, in a "Blink!" they are grown!

God Bless and Happy Mother's Day!

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Jackie said...

Very beautifully stated, Linda.
My heart hurts for a friend of mine who always wanted children but never had any. Her own Mother went to be with the Lord over 20 years ago, and on this day, I know it is hard for her. Your words touch just the right chords. Thank you for sharing them.

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