Thursday, July 14, 2016

And When the World Seems Crazy, I Remember...

When the world seems crazy, I remember...
God is good all the time!

Lately it seems like the world has gone crazy. There is so much confusion, hurt, pain, and disconnection. When I listen to the news or read the newspaper it's easy to feel scared, stressed and worried.

When that happens, I am reminding myself to do three things. First, I want to take a deep breath. Second, I want to remember Who is  really in charge and that is God Almighty, the Maker of Heaven and earth. Third, I stop and thank God for His Almighty love and the blessings that abound in my life.

           Focusing on God and Gratitude changes

While things may not be easy, I am reminded over and over again that God does not leave us or forsake us. He is there in the hard and very hard. He loves all of His children.

And then I look into my sweet Granddaughter's face, and Annora's contagious smile eases my heart. I find God's love in her eyes. I see how she is growing and thriving and am reminded that she is an answer to prayer... so many prayers! 

           Thank you to all of you who prayed for her!

And I slowly feel a calm in my heart. One of the very best parts of our recent lake vacation was holding this sweet darling in my arms and rocking her back and forth...singing softly into her ears...

                       "Jesus loves me this I know..."

I do know that in my deepest heart of hearts!

Suddenly... all is well.

God Bless!
Love, Linda


On a Wing and a Prayer said...

Linda...anora grace is beauty all right and YES God is in her eyes! I see you in her! I truly do!!! YES with all the chaos God gives us reminders of his live and grace! I am so thrilled and happy for you and your family....this is a lil angel sent from above!! love you dearly

Jackie said...

She is so beautiful and precious!
Thank you for sharing these photos; my heart is lifted as I look at the smiles...the peacefulness. Sigh. I thank my God for taking tender care of her.
I know that your heart is overflowing with joy!!
Hugs to you, sweet friend.

Vicky said...

Beautiful! I could sit and stare and stare. She looks perfect. Loved. I want to reach through the screen and feel that soft skin, and the weight of her in my arms. Ohhhhh... precious beyond words! So much love friend- so much!!

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