Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Learning Lessons Over and Over and Over Again...

                       "Relax and let Me lead you through this day.       
           I have everything under control: My control!"
                                            - Jesus Calling, July 26th

Honestly, I am so darn glad that yesterday is over. I know that sounds horrible and that I should be grateful for yesterday. After all, every day is a miracle. I know that, it's just that yesterday's lessons haven't quite turned into the stuff miracles are made of. At least not yet.

I am all about learning lessons, life-lessons. Yet I find that some lessons are just plain hard to learn. I seems to bump into them again and again.

"Ah! It's you again," I say. "Guess I will re-visit you, you life-lesson you, endless times before it is all said and done."

I wish I could say that as each lesson poked it's creepy little head up that I reacted with smiles and glee. Well, I didn't. That's just the honest truth of it all. By the time my head hit the pillow last night, the only words I could say to the good Lord Almighty were, "Well, thank you God that this day is over!"

The actual tough moments seem almost too trivial to spend more time on. There was the "you need a new car moment" from our auto mechanic. There was the "Bert, we have to take some of this to Goodwill!" moment as we unpacked things that have been in storage for almost three years. 

My darling husband, and you know I love him dearly, became enamored, once again, with each item we took out. It was almost as if it was a Christmas moment from his youth. His eyes lit up and he exclaimed with great vigor, "Oh, there it is! I have been looking for this for three years!" 

As time went on it became clear that my approach of getting rid of what I considered "junk" and "let's recycle to others in need," wasn't gaining traction with my dearly beloved.

"Oh dear, sweet baby, Jesus," give me patience!

So Jesus Calling, the first thing I read with my first cup of coffee each morning, was a great reminder today.

There are several admonitions here:

1) Relax! Relax is not always my strong suit. 
2) Let Me (as in God Almighty) lead you through the day.
 In other words pay attention to the Leader who knows what is going on and has omnipotent power and just be a follower.
3) I have everything under control, My control. Okay someone has control (Thank heavens) and it is God. It is not, and I repeat not me!

So today, I am practicing breathing and reminding myself that God is in charge. I am reminding myself, sometimes with even a chuckle and a smile, to Let go and let God!

God Bless! Have a great day!
Love, Linda

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