Saturday, August 06, 2016

It's A Choice...

                        Piglet noticed that even though he had
                   a very small heart, it could hold a rather
                   large amount of Gratitude!
                                                    -AA Milne

It's really a choice every day. Not always an easy choice, mind you, or one that the world in general chooses. None the less, it is a choice I can make.

                              It's a choice to be grateful.

I truly believe that when I have an attitude of gratitude... EVERYTHING changes.


Most people would tell you that I am a very grateful person and that would be true, I am. However internally, like many of us, there are times when things look bleak and outcomes are not what I have prayed for. In those times, I struggle with turning my attitude around from skeptical or critical to happy and grateful.

Yet those are the very times when being grateful makes all the difference. Finding even the smallest thing to thank God for can bring His light into a very dark situation.

Let me share some examples from my own life...

I can be irritated or frustrated at Bert's memory loss, or I can be overflowing with gratitude to God that Bert is still here.

I can be irritated or frustrated that our neighbor, without our permission, cut down 16 large, beautiful trees that created a
boundary between our properties. Or, I can appreciate the new view we have and the opportunity to once again be creative on that side of the house.

I can be irritated or frustrated at our decreased enrollment at the college where I teach, or I can be grateful that I have a wonderful job that enriches my soul.

                        It's always a choice. Always!

And I truly believe there is a cascading effect from the choice to be grateful. When I am grateful, even in hard circumstances, others may stop to consider what they have to be grateful for.

When I am grateful, no matter what, my health improves and my blood pressure goes down.

When I hear how other folks, like my dear friend Vicky Westra, are grateful in tough circumstances, my attitude of gratitude is nourished and expanded.

            After all, an attitude of gratitude is contagious!

Yet I know, and have experienced in my life, some very tough times where my heart was broken, and I was so discouraged that I couldn't find my grateful spirit. It felt like it had been extinguished by so much grief.

That's when I think about this amazing quotation by Albert Schweitzer...

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark
from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep
gratitude for those who have lit the flame within us.          

So today I am grateful to God for every blessing He has brought into my life. I am grateful for His love and abundant grace and care. I am grateful for the hard times that have made me stronger. I am grateful for those I love who have lit the flame within me when my grateful spirit was extinguished.

Today I am praying that I might be the kind of grateful person who helps to light the flame in others when their grateful spirits are extinguished.

Today I am praying that my eyes truly see all the goodness in others, even those I struggle with. May I know that God loves them, just as He loves me.

Today I am so grateful for all of you who come here and share in my life. I am grateful for your prayers and your friendship and your comments.

May we all choose an attitude of gratitude today, no matter what!

God Bless!
Love Linda

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On a Wing and a Prayer said...

Oh how I love this post! I can so relate. Last night my GF said, "you are always positive no matter what circumstance.I said to her, "I have my moments when I am overwhealmed, scared, fragile... and since I am human I allow those feelings in... the feelings of a 'Pitty party'... but I dont like the way that feels and then I make a choice to rise above once again! But sometimes it is not as automatic as I want it to be sometimes there is a bit of a struggle before I see the positive again. You wrote well what I myself. love you Linda!

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