Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This Week's Sticky Note for the Soul...

                When you are giving everything you have
                    And you can take only so much-
                               Christ kneels close
                   With arms stretched open wide:
                      "Let Me take the rest."
                                                  -Ann Voskamp

On several blog posts I've mentioned Joe Feryn, an amazing young man who is a teacher, counselor, high school cross country coach, husband, dad, friend, and lover of Jesus. 

Joe lives his faith. He exudes the love of God wherever he goes. Joe lights 
up a room and the lives of everyone who know him. 

People, especially young people, come to know God because of Joe Feryn and how he lives his life in service to others.

Joe is struggling with leukemia right now and after six weeks of being in the hospital, and massive doses of chemotherapy, the results are heartbreaking. 

The leukemia is still there so Joe is headed to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer 
Center in Seattle for more treatment.

His family is so stressed financially and emotionally, yet trusting that God is with them and God is for them. So many are praying that God would do a mighty work and heal Joe completely.

There is a Go Fund Me for Joe Feryn and even if you could donate just one dollar, it would mean the world to Joe, Angie and their boys. 


And if you believe in the power of prayer, please include Joe in your prayers! Please pray for a perfect bone marrow match for Joe.

I know that the Feryn family is giving all they have and can take only so much. I feel like Christ is kneeling close to them with His arms stretched open wide, telling  them that He will take the rest of their hurt and pain.

Here's an amazing song "I Will Trust in You" that really speaks to the struggle the Feryns are having. Please- don't miss this song. It has given me so much comfort and it might comfort you as well.

Thank you for your support for the Joe, Angie and the kids.

God Bless! 

Love, Linda



Jackie said...

My heart is heavy as I read about your family's friend suffering with leukemia.
As the family travels to Seattle, I pray for strength for them. There is no way for me to know and feel what they are going through at this time. I can rely on our Lord to help them through this. I pray for a mighty miracle.
I love that song, Linda. It is one of my favorites. I sing it as it is being played on K-Love.
Sending love,

Vicky said...

Preparing my list right now to take with me to my scans- over and over again I can pray. Thank you for sharing him with us, and letting us help carry his name into the winds and the heavens. Hugs to you friend!

Summer said...

My heart goes out to Joe. Blessings ♥


Jackie said...

Stopping by again to say hello....
Prayers for Joe.
May God continue to take tender care of him.

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