Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunrise, Sunset...

                                   Sunrise, sunset
                   Sunrise, sunset...
                   Swiftly flow the years.
                   One season following another,
                   Laden with happiness and tears.
                                    -Musical, Fiddler on the Roof

I remember being in New York with my Nana and Mom and seeing the musical Fiddler on the Roof. It was my first Broadway musical, and I felt transported into another time, another culture, another world. While I loved all of the music, and remember the lyrics today, the plaintive song "Sunrise, Sunset," with a solo fiddler on the roof playing the tune, touched me deeply.  I clapped so hard at the end of act 1 that my ring flew off my hand, and I retrieved it during the intermission.

The message of the musical was all about change, children growing up before our eyes and seasons turning from one to another.

Real life right now seems to parallel that beloved musical.

Our gorgeous fall was slightly interrupted by pounding rain
and some nasty winds. Nothing like last November, mind you,
with hurricane-like gales, but the mere mention of high winds sends Spokane into a "go-buy-supplies and hunker down" frenzy.

Even though some of the fall foliage has danced its way down from tree branches to sidewalks, the huge maple trees that line our street still form a cover of orange and red and green and yellow. Branches are knit together from one side of the street to the other. It's spectacular!

It still feels like fall, but it also feels like winter is right around the corner.

And just as the seasons change, so do our grandchildren. Our
grands are taller and older and maturing in such wonderful ways, right before our eyes. Jacob is about 5'11" inches tall, and he loves to put his chin on the top of my head. Just a little reminder to me that yes, he is taller than I am. Sihin is a freshman at Whitworth University, Jenna is in 4th grade and in gymnastics, Emma is in her last year of Middle School and in swimming, Owen is in pre-school and Annora Grace is starting to eat a little solid food.

Oh my. 

And our conversations with each of our beloved grandchildren deepen as they ponder and wonder about all that is going on
in their world....

How this election is being played out.
How we should treat one another.
How God is in the middle go all that is going on.
How He is there in the great times and the hard times.

And just like the song says, this season has been laden with some happiness and tears.

So today, as a bit of sun peeks out from the clouds and illuminates the gorgeous fall foliage, I am so grateful
for every blessing that God has bestowed on us. 

I am so grateful for His love and grace.
I am so grateful for beautiful fall trees.
I am so grateful for my wonderful family.
I am so grateful for each change, even though they may not be easy or comfortable.
I am so grateful for dear friends who love and pray for our family.
I am so grateful for reminders that God is in control.

May you know today how deeply God loves you.
Much love,


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Miss Myia said...

Hi, it's me Myia, I love you and miss you...hugs too!

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