Saturday, October 01, 2016

Looking for Good News...

                                   My invitation never changes...
             Come to Me, all you who are weary
                   and I will give you rest!
                                       -Jesus Calling for Oct 1st

I am so grateful that it is Saturday morning. Just knowing that one was on the horizon brought smiles to my face all week long. 

Time for my weary heart and soul to recharge. 
Time to go walk in the cascade of fall leaves, their bright orange, red and yellow hues reminding me of God's glory.

So today I sit here with my warm cup of coffee regrouping and reflecting on the weeks gone by. I am taking a much needed breath as I try to find the words to express where I am right now, how I am feeling right now.

The last four weeks have been gut-twisting and heart- wrenching for my beloved family. I have been silent on this blog as I have sorted out sadness, great sadness. As I have sorted out betrayal and anger.  As I have sorted out..."how do I ever forgive this person who has hurt my loved one so deeply?"

I have been on my knees praying, asking God for the strength to support those who are hurt the most. And God is faithful.
He has held us up, held me up as we walk through the hard and very hard.  We are giving the grief over to Him so we can start the healing process.

And in this last week, the fog of pain has started to clear just a bit so pure JOY and PEACE could start to seep into our lives again.

We are choosing to focus on JOY and Good News in the midst of the hard. I love how author Ann Lamott puts it...
        "It's there. It's always there. Sometimes it peeks out
          just when you need it the most. There is always 
          good news right in the middle of the hardest times."

So drum roll please...we are rolling out and celebrating some good news!!!

*Our dear friend, Joe Feryn, has been battling leukemia.
He has been fighting for his life. Praise God, Joe is in
remission. How we love that word! This fall Joe will still 
be having a bone marrow transplant, yet hope abounds for his future. Joe credits God for pulling him through and is so grateful for every prayer that has been prayed for him and his family. 

Please keep praying for Joe, Angie, and their boys.

More good news...

*My dear soul sis, Vicky Westra, who has stage 4 breast cancer, has been having severe back pain.  Praise God it is not more cancer! Dr. P, Vicky's amazing oncologist, thinks it may be pain from nerve damage from radiation. Vicky will be during chiropractic and acupuncture. 

Please continue to pray for Vicky that these treatments will completely take away her pain. Also, please pray that all of
the cancer spots in her recent scan will be gone after the chemo
she is taking!

More good news...Vicky's dear friends rallied around her and got her the absolutely most darling wig made from real hair.
Vicky is so cute, no matter what, but this gift lifted her spirits so!  

More good news...

*School has started for me and while life has been super hectic,
I just have the most wonderful students this quarter. They are eager to learn, and I love being their teacher! What a blessing every day it is for me to teach. While I am back to grading oodles and oodles of papers, it is all part of the learning process. This is my 50th year as a teacher and I have loved every minute of it! Also, I have been invited to do a Ted Talks on my passion for teaching and I'll be doing that on October 26th.

More good news...

*While our garden is winding down as it prepares for winter, all of the colorful leaves and bright mum plants just bring us such sweet JOY. Amy's sweet dog, Daisy, has been staying with us and Bert, Daisy and I love taking walks to see this glorious display of God's artwork.

More good news...

* And most important, our "Good News" is that when we are weary and troubled and are in the midst of the hard and very hard, God is there. He welcomes us and invites us to bring our weary selves to Him. He promises to give us rest. When we are broken and shattered and scared, He is there with us, never leaving us. God meets us, every time, right where we are. He gives our weary souls rest. He holds us up. He is our anchor in the storm.

Please continue to hold my beloved family in your prayers
as we ask for strength in this hard journey and that we would know that All is Well!

*May you know peace and love and joy.
*May you seek and find "Good News" to celebrate.
*May you know that no matter what, you can take your weary heart to God Almighty!

God Bless!


Jackie said...

I have no idea what you are hurting over, my friend, but when one of our Sisters is hurting, we all feel pain. Whatever it ferverent prayer is that our Lord will not only fix this, but that He will rebuild even stronger that which is broken.
I am thinking of you as you are back in the classroom, Linda. I know how healing that can be with students who love you and to be abje to share knowledge with them.
As you and Bert and Daisy take in these first breaths of autumn, I do pray that each day will bring peace and healing to you.
I continue to pray for your sweet family.
Husband and I are still in the North Carolina mountains. I have a severe case of poison ivy...It is all over my neck and bad that my lips are swollen. What a mess I am right now! But, this will pass. I should have known better than than clearing and cleaning the mountainside and thinking that I would be immune to the poison ivy that I was trying to destroy. It won. But, I will survive (Benadryl and Calamine lotion are my friends for a while.). I thought that I was going to have to go to the walk in clinic and get an injection this morning, but I toughed it out. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a bit better.
I end with a special hug for you...,,rejoicing in Vicky's wonderful news and knowing that you are back in class and that through it all, The Lord is in control. Through it all.....

Jackie said...

Monday night....
Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you, and I appreciate your prayers for me. Hugs a bunch, my friend.....

Jackie said...

Wednesday morning
Another day....another reason to rejoice and be glad!
Hello my friend. I hope your week is going well.
I am recognizable.....and that is a major deal!! The swelling in my face has subsided. I still have whelps and rash on my face and neck, but at least one can tell I'm "human" again. 😊
Thank you for your prayers. You are a sweet friend.
I rejoice in hearing that Joe is in remission. What a joy that is for him and for all those that love and care about him. Happy news!
Sending a hug from South Georgia.
Keep smiling!!

Vicky said...

I'm finally catching up! This just snuck right by me- and its glorious and feels so good to read! My jaw is dropping over Joe's good news... Praise God. Amazing to be in remission and hopefully a transplant soon that will wipe every last c-cell away for good. It feels good to see how you are seeking the good despite the hard that has surrounded you as of late. So grateful to feel the shift happening within you, despite what goes on outside of you. Love you friend.

Miss Jackie, I'm so sorry to hear of your poison ivy!! Oh goodness, how bothersome. So glad the swelling is reducing- I pray you continue to heal well. All my love to you and your sweet family.

Jackie said...

Love you, Vicky....

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