Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

                  Love doesn't mean doing extraordinary 
                    or heroic things...
                It means knowing how to do 
             ordinary things with tenderness. 
                                           -Jean Vanier
A Valentine's day letter to my Valentine:

Dearest Bert,

Today is Valentine's Day, a day to celebrate love.
Yesterday, when I walked into Safeway, the store was aglow with huge bouquets and cards, boxes of candy everywhere.

While I appreciate that we all celebrate holidays differently, finding the beautiful and simple heart you made for me on the counter this morning, my beloved Bert, is what tugs on my heart on a day like today. Even more "romantic" are all of the 

day-to-day simple blessings you bring my way. 

You... doing the dishes every night after dinner. 

You... thanking me for making the best meal "ever."
You... telling me, almost in a whisper, how your eyes    
just like to look at me.

All of those small and simple, ordinary "gifts," well, they make my heart sing.

You do them with such tenderness.

For years, on my birthday, you walked straight into whatever class I was teaching, carrying a huge bouquet of flowers. And in front of all of those students, you kissed me. Not a little kiss, mind you, but a kiss from your heart.

I could hear all of the women in the room let out a deep "sigh...."

You could tell they so wanted someone to love them the way you love me.

You... holding my hand in church.

You... wiping away my tears.
You... just being there and greeting me with so much tenderness.

All the little, extraordinary kindnesses, for all of these 34 years.

You... waving me off in the morning, blowing me kisses.

You...listening to all of my fears.
You...being my best friend and soul-partner.

You...reminding me that when I make a mistake,

God loves me and so do you.

You, my darling husband, are an answer to every prayer I ever prayed. I asked God for someone to love and cherish and someone who would love and cherish me.

And God blessed me, Bert. He gave me you.

So on this Valentine's Day, my beloved Bert, just know this...deep down and for always...

                                YOU HAVE 

                                MY WHOLE 
                                  FOR MY
                               WHOLE LIFE

I will love you forever and beyond,

Your Linda

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