Saturday, April 22, 2017

Embracing the NOW..."

              "I have eyes for the here.
                For the now, and the nearly now...
                just now."
                                  -Vicky Westra, my dear soul sis

Yesterday was a beautiful mix of life's contradictions, almost like the kind of stew my Mama used to make. Every delicious bite hand-made with love, every vegetable and ingredient well-chosen. 

I'll have a dash of great joy, add a pinch of fear, relief, and concern, and serve piping hot in a gorgeous old bowl full of family history.

Just saying the word "Mama" makes me miss mine and the tears just start to flow.

I remember being in the kitchen with my Mom when she was going to make stew. My Dad and I were full of anticipation for the tastes and smells to come. Comfort, true comfort in every bite. Food made with love.

All of this comes to my mind and heart after reading a blog post from my very dear friend, Vicky Westra. If you have read this blog before, you have heard just a bit of her story. She is my soul sis, a true gift from God. She has been a teacher to me, someone who has enriched my life at every turn. There is so much goodness in Vicky, so much wisdom.

Yes, she has stage 4 breast cancer that has now progressed.
Yes, in this latest treatment her hair has fallen out, again.
Yes, she is absolutely beautiful inside and out, no matter if her hair is her own or an amazing gift from friends.

Yet what struck me most, and what I most needed to hear this week, was what Vicky said after finding out that her cancer had progressed...

  "I have eyes for the here. For the now, and the nearly now... 
       just now."     

This last week I have honestly struggled with being in the now.
I have wandered into the past and had some anxiety about the future. My beloved Bert had some medical tests this week after some pretty significant weight loss and his doctor was concerned about why this might be happening. So yesterday we spent a good part of the morning in a medical lab taking all kinds of tests. After a 14 hour fast leading into all of the pricking and poking, we were both a little dizzy.

I have wandered into "What if this happens?" "What if
that happens.." I have been in a pretty steady dialogue with God... asking for His peace, asking for His grace.

When I read Vicky's words a puzzle piece just fell into place.
An answer to prayer. He has it all, and I do mean ALL, in His Almighty hands. He knows what is in store, and He will be there in the midst of whatever comes next.

Not only was yesterday filled with a few chunks of anxiety, it was sprinkled with immeasurable JOY. Our precious granddaughter Annora Grace had her first birthday party. Bert and I could not stop smiling. Just seeing her laughing and giggling and hugging and kissing brings us such joy. Pictures to follow. :)

We were in the NOW, and we were reminded that God is with us and All Shall be Well!
God Bless!


Vicky said...

Oh precious friend,

I'm just beaming, even though I register concern for Bert and will certainly be in special prayer for this unknown health condition. I'm so grateful you both went in to see the doctor and get everything checked out. I, myself, would go through such anxiety every time I had to have a scan- which was often. A friend told me a simple sentence- "Just remember, God is already there- in the tube, in the machine- the scanner. He is already there." I began to realize I think of God when I see the beautiful sky, or nature, or wildlife, but I don't always think to see him in the mundane, everyday, ordinary things, or the anxiety producing things. But just as you said- "He has it ALL. He will be there in the midst of whatever comes next." Amen- so well said. We just have to keep believing just that! So our sweet Annora Grace just turned 1?!? My goodness, she grew up on us practically over night! I can't wait to see the photos!! I will so look forward to seeing them someday soon.

I'm so touched by your thoughtful words- and I am so thankful to God for somehow allowing the words that brought you comfort to flow through my fingertips! He is most certainly in the midst of you and I and all those who come to share with us! Love you, Linda, more than I could ever possibly convey!

On a Wing and a Prayer said...

Oh linda, as always the way you write brings so much to the table and to the surface. you are so very REAL! I will keep you and your Bert in prayers. Time moves so swiftly. were we not praying for Annora Grace's safe arrival yesterday? and now she is 1! I to love what Vicky wrote..I am learning this more and more. 'I have eyes for the here, for the now, and the nearly now...just now...' I miss being able to communicate with you both and see your blogs. Soon I will have my lap top fixed. Love you Linda!

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