Monday, February 05, 2007

I'M SIXTY!! Say It Loud...and Say It Proud!!!

February 5, 2007

"Live a good life

And in the end

It's not the years in the life,

It's the LIFE in the years!"

I feel so blessed to be alive and be sixty! I cherish my life...all of it. It all makes me who I am today!

This past weekend we had a wonderful birthday dinner celebration! I received a memory book that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I was marinated in love! I felt God's love down in my bone marrow! I felt the love of my family and friends!

And I arrived at school this morning to find my room, my door, and the hall already decorated with signs and well wishes!

The tears of gratitude just keep flowing!

God is good all the time! And all the time, God is good!

For most of my life I have had the tradition of sending my Mom flowers on my birthday! It was a way of saying thank you for having me...thank you for loving me...thank you for being there for me...thank you for adoring me!

Today, and every day, I miss being able to hug my Mom, call my Mom, and share with my Mom. But I talk to her anyway, knowing that her spirit is right here!

Someone told me Saturday night that they couldn't believe how much love I give to others. While I was born with a heart that overflowed with feelings and love...the answer to that is simple. I love others because God loves me! The love isn't just mine to flows through me.

So today, on my 60th birthday, I thank the Lord for ALL of my life. I thank Him for all the joys, all the heartaches, all the growth and all the learnings!

I thank Him for my two amazing daughters Jessi and Amy, my wonderful husband Bert, my two sons Erik and Chris, Ryan, Roger, Theresa, and Nancy, the spouses of my wonderful children, my 12 grandkids Jacob, Emma, Zac, Kayla, Jenna (who will be born this June), Emmett, Emily, Rosie, Anderson, Mikaela, Quentin and Sienna...and my adopted grandkids Madison and Anna! I love you all to the moon and back!

I thank God for my special hand as it has taught me about differences and compassion. I wouldn't be me without my "lucky fin"!!!(as Kayla calls it from Finding Nemo)

I thank God for my 1st husband,Tim,his gift to my life of two daughters and the years we spent together. I thank God for my extended Seppa family...Grandma Elaine, Kris, Grandma Phyllis, Dave, Di, Bazz, Craig, Steve, Joanna, and all of their kids!

I thank God for all of my dear,dear friends especially Sharon, Eileen and Nancy, my soul sisters and Linny who has known me since I was 14 months old!

I thank God for my blessed job at SCC, every student I have had in 39 years of teaching! I have loved it all!

I thank God for all of my consulting clients, my friends from high school and college, my pastor, my church, my church choir...the list goes on and on!

If you are reading this, I thank God for YOU!

I thank God for every day I have been on the planet and every day left that I have here! May it all glorify Him!

Have a WONDERFUL February 5th!! I AM!!! God Bless! Love, Linda


Anonymous said...

So enjoyed celebrating your milestone! You are truly blessed! I am blessed to be a friend/sister of yours. Looking forward to many more years of celebrating and singing with you. We will have to find another retreat to go to at some point. Those were great times!
May God bless your next 60.
Love, Eileen

Nat said...

Happy 60th, Linda!

I am so glad that your birthday celebration filled you with love, because although I don't "know" you, I often receive unwarranted love messages from you on my blogspot. Thank you for reading my stories and sending me your thoughtful wisdom and care.

Happy Birthday to you!


Kim Ellis said...

I thought of you several times yesterday hoping you were having a grand birthday and that you celebrated it with style. You make turning 60 look graceful. My goal for this year (turning 40) is to face it head on and welcome it with open arms. I do not regret any birthday and I'm really looking forward to my next one.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and like Nat said, for your little "love messages" on my blog. I definitely enjoy reading them as well as reading your blog. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

God Bless!

The Farrell Family said...

It was an amazing party. You were a wonderful hostess and all of the guests felt comfortable and welcomed into your home.

I love you!

Anonymous said...


I needed to read this today, and be reminded of what I have been given as well. You are a huge part of that!


P.S. Can't wait for our time tomorrow!

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