Thursday, February 22, 2007

THURSDAY THIRTEEN : Re-Focusing On Thirteen Goals I Have For 2007

I love February, with my birthday and Valentines day. I love March. It is on the horizon with the promise of spring on March's heels. Yet while I love every day, every week and every month, time seems to slip away so quickly.

It's time to re-focus my goals for 2007. Where am I now? Where do I want to be? What am I learning?

Here's goal #1. I'll share the other twelve over the next few weeks. These come out of a program developed by Joyce Meyer.

Re-Focused goal #1: Break Away From Other People's Expectations and Focus on What God Expects from me:
I struggle at times with wanting to make everyone happy. I often pick up on unspoken expectations and feel sad when I disappoint someone or irritate them. I wish they could tell me what they really need, and we could reach a compromise.

What works best for me is when people can voice what they need . What works best for me is when people don't keep score. What works best for me is being around people who are affirmers, who truly love me for me. Those people light up my life! Those people boost my spirit and soul!
What works best is when I focus on what God expects and let go of criticism, real and imagined.

Silent criticism, judgements and score keeping can be joy robbers if you let them! When I am critical, judgemental or keeping score I rob myself of my own joy!

Once, at a Cannon Beach Retreat, the pastor said,

"Criticism is spiritual murder! It murders the soul of the person being criticized and the person doing the criticizing!"

I believe this to be true.

Now that I am sixty, I am learning (again) that I cannot be all things to all people-not at work, not at home, not in my family, and not to friends, students, and consulting clients. As much as I wish I could, I can't meet everyone's expectations.

I am learning (again) that I need to focus on what God wants and expects me to do!

My new and re-focused goal is to be true to the Lord and His expectations.
When I do this I will have a new sense of freedom, peace and love in my life!

My re-focused goal is to take criticism out of my own life. I don't want to internally or externally keep score of others!

May your life journey in 2007 also lead you to a new freedom as you re-direct your focus away from the expectations of others, away from keeping score, away from criticism. May we all move toward what God wants and expects from us!

God Bless! Love, Linda


The Farrell Family said...

Romans 12:9-21 provides basic principles that can be applied to every relationship in our lives:

-Be sincere
-Reject what is evil
-Cling to what is good
-Be faithful
-Be hospitable
-Never return an unkind deed with an unkind deed
-Be happy with those who are happy
-Be sad with those who are sad
-Get along
-Don't be arrogant
-Be a friend to someone regardless of his or her position or status
-Don't take revenge, but trust God to look after you .

As we put these principles into action, we will become friends/people who know how to love.

kathibest said...

Linda, I am happy for you and inspired by you regarding your re-focus goal, of not centering your life around trying to live up to other peoples expectations of you.....

I lived the first 3 decades of my life trying to live up to others expectations of myself.........

And my cup runneth dry...........

So much so that I literally ended up with my tank completely empty, living a life that was so far from authentic that I crashed and burning big time, falling face down with a bloody nose and was perplexed when no one was there to pick me up...........

It was in sifting through the ashes trying to find what was left of me that I realized a profound revelation that would transform my life...............

I want to share with you the nugget that God gave to me.........

"He said... Kathi, you wouldn't be so concerned about what other people think.......if you realized how little they do".............

I spend the first 3 decades of my life, focused on doing things that please othter people and lost myself in the process..........

I can promise you this, 2007 will be a very rewarding and personally satisfying year for you as you put your new goal into action..........

FUNCTION is a beautiful thing.......

Enjoy the blessings that will rapidly come your way...........

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