Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oh How I Love Her - Thoughts About Grandma Elaine!

Usually God gives you one Mom. I was blessed to get two. ..
my own Mom, Dolores McColm and Tim's Mom, Elaine Seppa!
Elaine has been a second Mom to me, my faith mentor, my friend, my mother-in-law, Grandma to Jessi and Amy, and a beloved family member! She has been a pillar in my life for 43 years!
I saw Elaine not long ago in Seattle when Amy, Jenna, and I went there for a Women of Faith Conference. We went a day early so we could see Gandma Elaine and she could meet Jenna!
It was a wonderful visit, and we also got to see Kathy (aka Bazz) and Diane Seppa too! We laughed, cried, talked about God, and embraced each other as friends, family members and faith sisters. It is a visit I will never forget.
Awhile back Elaine suffered a stroke and came back after much physical therapy and hard work.
This last weekend she suffered another very serious stroke and is in the hospital. My heart aches because I can't imagine my world without her.
But what I know for sure is that Grandma Elaine is right with God and she is ready to be with Jesus whenever it's her time to go. She is right with those she loves. Jesus has been the pillar for her whole life, and He is the pillar for her right now!
She is in my prayers as so many memories of her flash through my mind and heart! She left me a voicemail just this last week. She said, in her soft, sweet voice..."Hi Honey! This is Mom!"
And she is.....
God Bless! Love and hugs to all who read this! Love, Linda


jacob said...

i love you grandma elaine

LORIE said...

Linda: What a gift! Prayers to Elaine, your heart, and her family.

The Farrell Family said...

It was such a treat to get to spend time with Grandma this summer. Thank you so much for coming with me. I admire the fact that you've kept those family bonds through it all.

I love you.

Tiffany said...

Sounds like you have been nothing short of blessed to have Elaine in your life! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the entire family as you go through this difficult time! Love and hugs to you!

Kayla Jode said...

I remember that picture from one of Zac's soccer games! I hope Grandma Elaine gets well soon! Tell her that I'll be praying for her! I love you all tons!

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