Friday, January 04, 2008


2008 is underway and has gotten off to a great start! Yesterday I had new numbers of students at SCC and new weight loss numbers at Weight Watchers!

I met with my new students for the first time and while the student numbers are down at SCC my classes are over-full! :) I have 93 students in three classes. It was a true joy seeing the faces of over 40 former students sprinkled in amongst the 93 faces. It felt like coming home to see their smiles and get their hugs!

As I told Bert last night, I think I will call up Dr. Livingston our Chancellor at the Community Colleges and just thank him for the blessing of teaching at SCC! I LOVE this place and the wide variety of students we serve. For example, one amazing new student had lots of facial piercings and many unique earrings (one was an small antler coming from his ear) and an amazing hat that looked like it came from a Grateful Dead concert. I loved his uniqueness and was so pleased when after class he came up and with so much excitement and love expressed his deep desire to learn interpersonal communication skills. He said he was so excited for what he was going to learn and so excited to have me as a teacher because of all he had heard from students about me. I was OVERJOYED at his amazing attitude! I mean there is not one boring moment in this job! I am SO blessed!

After working with students all morning I took my lunch hour and went to my Weight Watcher meeting. It was the first one for 2008. Coming back after a long holiday break most people were concerned about where they would be. It was a fairly small group, which was surprising, since I thought most folks would want to know the news, either good or bad. While my vacation time didn't go perfectly with weight loss, I was down another .4 pounds and the only one in the group who had a weight loss. While this isn't huge by any standards, I was very pleased after a holiday time of eating out, eating at a hotel, and fixing "regular" food for Bert on vacation, that I kept to my goal of some weight loss during the break. The key was portion control. I often split meals like the one I had at Clinkerdaggers with Sharon. This is such hard work and I am working on my self talk constantly!

The key is to weight loss success in 2008 for me is to be very self aware of what I did over the break and what I need to do now. Progress in this area of my life is a constant battle of self awareness and self correction!

In short... I need to continue to go to Weight Watcher meetings (I have to hold myself accountable even on the "not so good" weeks), track my food points (which didn't go too well during vacation since I was often eating food I didn't have point totals for), drink water, and up my exercise level. Simply said...I need to consistently DO the Weight Watcher program each day and each week! No excuses, just DO IT!!!

I loved my break from the regular routine over Christmas and New Years! It was wonderful to
see family and friends in a more relaxed environment! And that said, I am also thrilled to be back in the saddle again...doing the teaching and consulting I love, seeking to serve my students and clients everyday, and working hard to get healthy!

God Bless! Love and hugs to all who read this! Love Linda :)


Tiffany said...

Nice job managing to drop some weight in the midst of the holidays! To be the ONLY ONE at the meeting who lost weight? That's incredible!

I can only imagine how thrilled all of your new students must be to have you as a teacher. I love that you had a student come up after class to let you know how excited he was. It is small moments like that one that make it all worth it!

Kayla Jode said...

That's really cool that you were the only one to lose weight over the break! Your students must love you! I have to say, I'm not at all surprised because after all, you are an absolutely wonderful person! I love you all tons!

Coy said...

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