Friday, January 25, 2008

AN UPDATE ON MY "GETTING HEALTHY GOALS" FOR 2008!...Attitude, Weight Loss, Exercise, and Drinking Water!

WOW! What a week! Super busy, super stressful with some very tough consulting situations, and super packed with blessings and kindness! You know you are truly alive when all of that is on your plate! :)

I have been mindful, intentional, and purposeful about my attitude and self-talk in 2008. Bert and I are rereading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren! It is a great reminder about God's grace and support and what happens when we are intentional about how we look at what happens to us in life!

We watched the movie Facing The Giants and I was brought to tears by the reminder "Do Not Fear! I am with you ALWAYS!" That sounds like an attitude adjustment to me. So...prayerfully and intentionally I am watching how I frame tough situations and my self talk!

All of this is progress for me!

On top of that I am continuing to go to Weight Watchers EVERY WEEK!!...and I am continuing to lose weight! Slowly but surely is my motto! I lost another .8 lbs. this week and I am closing in on my goal of 35 lbs by Valentines Day! What a heart gift to myself and those I love!

In the "exercise corner" I am continuing to walk at SCC first thing in the morning and "Do the stairs" four times during the day! That's a brisk, heart-moving walk up the stairs! I am less breathless than before!

On the "water front" I am hydrating my brain and drinking eight (yes, eight) large containers daily of H20 and crystal light! If there is a world-wide water shortage I may be in part to blame!

This is tough work for me...VERY tough work! My schedule at work has been slammed as I try to catch up from Christmas. Yet with God's power, God's encouragement, and the encouragement of my family and friends...I press on!

There is a black spiritual we sing at church that brings me to tears every time we sing it...
The chorus is..."I am pressing my way...I won't look back...I won't turn around...I will let God rule...I will be His servant..I am pressing my way!"

Well, can I just say a loud "Amen!" to that! I am pressing my way to get healthy!! :)

God Bless! Love and Hugs to all who read this! Linda


Mommymeepa said...

Your post is just what I needed today. Thanks for sharing.

jessithompson said...

Thanks so much for the update. I love you and am SO PROUD of you. I know this is tough work, but you are WORTH IT! You go, girl!

Kayla Jode said...

Great job with your loss of .8 lbs! I wish I could say that I drink 8 large containers of water and crystal light! The song that you sing in church sounds great!

Kim said...

8 glasses-impressive. My water tricks are to have a glass of water in the bathroom while getting ready and drink another while on my way to work. After that it's a little hit and miss but I will always get 2 more on the way home and at dinner.

Do you do green tea?

You are such a beautiful writer...

Tiffany said...

You inspire me more and more with every post I read! I HAVE to start drinking more water! Nice job on the 8 containers a day! I think it's fantastic that you are making exercise a priority, even in the midst of a very busy time. One of the things I have learned about working out is that there is never a good time to do it. You have to make it happen! There is always something else you could be doing. Choosing the healthy road is not an easy one and I applaud you for staying on it! Keep up the good work!

LORIE said...

A LOUD JOYOUS AMEN my dear friend!

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