Sunday, January 13, 2008

NOTES TO MYSELF....Learnings From This Week!

Some weeks flow smoothly and balance delicately, almost like seeing a juggler at the circus magically balance multiple plates on sticks. When one starts to slow down the juggler gently spins it and all the plates stay in motion.

Other weeks look like plates spinning out of control and crashing here and there while the juggler trys to hold up the few remaining plates.

Much of my week felt like the spinning, crashing, all- over-the-place kind of week.

When Grandma Elaine had her stroke and was so ill I went to Seattle, and I am so glad I did. No regrets there and I would make that same choice again. However, I had MANY appointments scheduled for that time and put people on hold until January. I am in the "catch up mode" and it isn't pretty at times.

I know God's desire for my life is to have it balanced in every, play, spiritual, exercise, family, endless list. If new things are added to the already full list it can be pretty breathtaking in how to balance it all!

NOTE TO MYSELF: Remember to say "no". While I would love to see everyone and do everything, at times it won't all fit in.

I weighed in this week and lost close to another pound, yet health and exercise hardly made my list of prioroties.

NOTE TO MYSELF: This is a trend that cannot continue! My priorities for getting healthy cannot take a back seat to work!

As the weekend approached, I almost felt giddy. I could hardly wait to breathe and have a moment to smile and not take life so seriously. So on Friday I brought up a singing balloon and cookies for Jessi's class to celebrate their classroom blog, and brought coffee to Jess and Tiffany! What fun! What a relief!
Just seeing their faces made me feel better.

Friday night Bert and I went to see The Kite Runner, an amazing movie. We had some great couples time and my soul felt refreshed.

Saturday morning Amy and Ryan invited us to their home to have lunch and watch the Seahawks game. Just being around those wonderful family members restored my soul. I had fun watching Kayla and Jacob play the Wii, playing with precious Jenna, and commenting on the troubled Seahawks with Bert and Ryan!

NOTE TO MYSELF: Being around those people who love me just as I am, forgive my mistakes, and like me
without reservation heals my heart! Spend more time with these people and less time with those who are critical!
There are some folks who are "joy suckers" and almost suck joy out of the air. Bless their hearts, but when I am tired and need refueling myself, I need to not spend time with them.

Today is Sunday. We will head to church and then pick up Emma for a play date! I can hardly wait! When I talked to her on the phone she was "so escited" to come to our house and play "castle". That's a game I made up for her where she is the princess and a naughty fellow trys to "smooch-a-roo" her. The King (Daddy) always says, "You may NOT smooch-a-roo my daughter" which point Emma breaks into waves of laughter! Her love, energy, and fun sparkle will be a positive bookend to this busy week!

I am grateful for every day! I love my life, but it is my responsibility to restore balance to my schedule,

NOTE TO MYSELF: Playing with my grandchildren is the best medicine for my heart!

As this next week approaches I am going to be more intentional and mindful about attending to my spirit, having time with God, having time with those I love, and keeping life in balance!

Love and Hugs to all who read this!
God bless! Love Linda


Kayla Jode said...

It sounds like you had a busy week! I'm so glad that you got to come over for lunch and the Seahawks game! I absolutely love spending time with you and Boppa! I love you all tons!

Tiffany said...

I have certainly had weeks like that before! Good for you for taking a step back and realizing what you need to re-energize, and realizing what you don't need to be around! Thanks again for the coffee! You are too kind! Have a blast playing castle with Emma today! She is so lucky to have such a special Nana!

The Farrell Family said...

We love you and enjoy spending as much time with you as we can. You two are so much fun! Too bad the Seahawks lost.


Anonymous said...

Great entry on your blog. A good reminder for me to get things balanced! Good Job!
Love, Eileen

LORIE said...

Balance. . . thank you for the reminders Linda. Learning to say no, surrounding yourself with good people, remember our priorities, etc. . . good lessons.

Mommymeepa said...

thanks for the post and for making me rethink some things. I was just wondering how Weight Watchers is going for you.

I'm back on track and have lost 11.8 pounds in 4 weeks. I hope it is going well for you.

Your blog is very inspirational. I always gain some insight into my own life after reading it.


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