Sunday, October 19, 2008

TODAY'S LIFE LESSON: Don't Underestimate the Children of Today...a "Must See" For Every Teacher and Parent!

Theresa Waco is one of my former students and we have stayed connected since she left SCC. She graduated from Gonzaga, got her Masters degree there, and she has been a special education teacher at Hamblin Elementary School for a number of years. Theresa is not just a former student, she is also my good friend.

She recently sent me this video clip, along with a personal message for me as her teacher. Both the clip and her message to me brought me to tears.This video clip, in my opinion, is a "must see" for every teacher, parent, grandparent, pastor...anyone who knows or works with children.

Children are insightful. They have messages we ALL need to hear. They are courageous and truth tellers! Hang on to your hats as you listen to one amazing young man who talked to the ENTIRE Dallas school district at their orientation! This made my day, my week, and my year!
THIS is why I am a teacher!

God Bless!
Love Linda


LORIE said...

Linda, I come from a family educators and share this video with all those in my family. . . .teachers or not. We are all touched by children. Thank you again for such a wonerful reminder and positive experience.

Kim said...

Okay, I have never seen this. And yes that is worth a few tears. It is awesome! What a young gentleman and how close to home this message hits. It is something all teachers should see.
Thanks for sharing.


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