Monday, April 07, 2014

A Love Letter to My Bert...

In our family room there is a hand-crafted sign that says,






and every time that message catches my eye, my heart swells and I am near tears. When I saw that sign, I knew it was meant to be where I could see it every day. It's how I feel about my husband.

Today is my 30th wedding anniversary  :)to my beloved Bert. There just aren't words to say how much I love him, adore him and cherish him...after all these years. His kindness and love restored my broken heart, all those years ago.  And every day, and I honestly mean every day, he has loved me just as I am and showed me a kindness I just didn't know existed.

Today is my first day back at teaching after Spring Break, and in the middle of my Conflict Management class Bert walked in with the most beautiful bouquet of gorgeous spring flowers for our anniversary. Every woman in my classroom  simultaneously said, 

"Ahhhhhhh...." and smiled. For some in the room, his act of kindness restored their faith in men.

And when I saw Bert's grin, and the love in his eyes, and his arms wide open holding all those flowers...I knew then, as I know every day, that I am so, so blessed to get to live my life with this wonderful man.

Honey, as I read you this blog post, there are no words I could ever write that would begin to tell you how amazing and kind and smart and handsome and funny and giving and caring you are to me and to everyone in your life. Your generous spirit makes the world such a better place.

When you fell in love with me and my little daughters, we felt like God reached down and touched us and healed us and cared for us. And we feel that same love from you today...even as they are all grown up and have their own sweet children.
And even as we are much older and wiser. :)

You ARE the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate, my partner in crime...:) You are the one I tell everything to, the one who listens and cares and shares. You are the one I trust, the one who has kept all our wedding vows.

You, dear Bert, have my whole heart for my whole life.

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!
Love always, 
Your Linda


Thoughts for the day said...

I enjoy your blog but have not idea how to subscribe to it. do you have a subscription button I couldn't find it. check my blog out if you would like, blessings to you.

WPgirl said...

Happy Anniversary Linda & Bert!
Lynda in Michigan

Peggy Sue said...

Oh how beautiful? truly truly beautiful! touched me and teared me up..and something about your life..resonates with had 2 little girls you were raising alone...I would so love to know that part of your life story! what a amazing post on LOVE! I needed that :) love to you both on honoring and cherishing and living love!

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